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Chase loves getting head. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the perspective), his girlfriend isn't that good at getting him off with blow-jobs. After his massage scene, though, he realized that guys really do know how to get the job done. So, when Chase's GF went out of town, recently, he sent a text asking about
US Marine Serviced
From: Jon
Added: Aug 31, 2015
Total Photos: 8
Brian and John have only seen photos of each other, but they like what they see when they're put together for a suck and fuck. This is the first time John has sucked an uncut cock, and he likes it. Brian is all about that ass in this video though, fucking John all over the bed with his slow and smooth style, finishing up with John getting splashed with hot juice by the end!
Hot Bareback Hook-Up
From: Jon
Added: Aug 27, 2015
Total Photos: 11
Ross claims to have appeared in boy/boy porn in the past. We’ve heard such things before only to find it all falls apart the moment a cock goes up the arse. So we INSIST on bringing lads like Ross in to be thoroughly fucked to be sure. He seems rather nervy for someone with experience. He talks a good talk at the beginning so we take him at his word. He is stripped, groped, made to suck cock, his bum is rimmed and then he gets thoroughly fucked. He moans, seemingly in pleasure, throughout. We try some exotic, cumbersome and somewhat uncomfortable fucking positions to see if he can do them but a football injury which restrict flexibility in his legs makes the task all the more difficult. Still, we get to see how some weird fuck poses are possible, perhaps for use in later photo shoots.
Dave gets his arse licked by the lad who then fucks the shit out of him. In porn films it seems you must cum on someone’s face so we anoint Ross with 2 cums before Ross then cums on Dave’s head whilst he looks like he’s fallen asleep during the cricket
Ross on the Casting Couch
From: Ava
Added: Aug 22, 2015
Total Photos: 10
One thing that get my motor runnin' is good chemistry, and I bet you're probably the same. Well there probably isn't a finer example of that than what we have here with Quentin and Markie. These gorgeous recruits have become swell chums during their time so far as promising, fresh Active Duty prospects.</br><br>  Quentin doesn't waste too much time before wrapping his mouth around Markie's throbbing cock. He goes right to town, enjoying that hard boner he's probably been dreaming about tasting for a while now. As he works Markie's hard dick, Markie tugs Quentin's raging hard on. The boys reposition after a little of this so Markie can enjoy Quentin's nice, tight ass. Boy, Markie really knows how to enjoy an ass!  And that's great news for us, because it translates so well on camera. We see Quentin's incredible hole licked while his soft skin is squeezed, slapped, and spread apart. While Markie does his thing, Quentin continues to take Markie's meat deep. Then they move into a nice 69 position and work into a nice, steady pace of slurping on each other. Markie starts with some extended teasing of Quentin's hole. It'll definitely induce you to pre cum, so watch the fuck out! Once Markie slides his cock into Quentin, you'll be ready to see the hard pounding that ensues. There's just so much good sex in this scene, it's hard to describe it all without sounding too jazzed up. After Markie fucks him from behind for a while, Quentin climbs atop Mount Markie and takes a ride. This is also some intense fucking. This kissing is deep and the touching is out of this world.  Claude scoops around from behind Quentin and catches Markie's hands as they lift Quentin's sweet cheeks up and down on his stiff dick. Then we get into the good stuff, my favorite stuff. Quentin uses those powerful legs to help him fuck Markie good. And Markie, true to form, LOVES it! I can't remember a soldier I've seen in a while that enjoys being reamed like our boy Markie. First Quentin fucks him from behind, then climbs up on the bed for more leverage so he can slam him even harder. For a finger-lickin' finish, we get to watch Markie erupt while being fucked on his back.  It's a truly explosive experience you'll be thinkin' bout for a while I reckon
Markie More and Quentin
From: Admin
Added: Aug 21, 2015
Total Photos: 9
I love when a huge cock fucks my ass until my hole is blown right open. There’s nothing like that feeling of cum dripping down my legs after getting used for hours. It’s crazy but the more I get fucked the horny I become. It’s like this crazy vicious circle that always leaves me begging for more
Hole Wide Open
From: Admin
Added: Aug 20, 2015
Total Photos: 8
Tall masculine Luke comes to the Casting Room because he’s curious, but he doesn’t know what he’s getting himself in for. This hetero had fantasies about coming in to find chicks getting fucked all over the place. Instead he’s in a stark room where he must get fully naked while a strange man films his body in the most excruciatingly intimate detail making him pull his long silky foreskin back and showing off his hairy arsehole. After having sternly declared he won’t do anything sexual with men it’s horny to get so up close to his forbidden privates
Sexy Luke
From: Jon
Added: Aug 18, 2015
Total Photos: 8
Aric had mentioned he had tried messing around with dudes when he was in his early 20's. I didn't think he would be that nervous to get a happy ending massage video, but he still wanted to keep things simple.

He was not keen on anyone playing with his ass, but we snuck in some rimming to show-off his hot pink hole. As we suspected, it didn't help wake his cock up, and Noah's beard was tickling him. After this shoot, we scaled his beard way back. Noah didn't realize just how ticklish he was being.

Once he gets Aric on his back, he tries jerking his cock to life, but it turns out it needed a warm mouth to perk up.
Aric is hot listening to him whisper under his breath and watching him writhe around on the table in ecstasy. Noah works like a dog to pull the load out him. Aric said he could cum from a blow job. Once again, I pretty much left the full 2 minutes of Noah working on his cock to completion.

Noah thinks he is going to cum and switches his angle of attach to get ready to eat his load. But it was premature, but he gets right back on it and about 20 seconds later he gets the full load out of his cock. Again, Aric's orgasms are so intense! Love making guys cum!
Trashy Ginger Serviced
From: Jon
Added: Aug 12, 2015
Total Photos: 12
Roar and Rock start off stroking to a porn video and soon they are sucking each other's dick. Roar gets on his back, and Rock fucks the shit out of him. Roar looks like he might even be in some pain. He plays with his tongue piercing and closes his eyes while he moans. Rock pulls out and shoots his cum on Roar's tongue. Roar strokes his cock and pumps his load into Rock's mouth. Then the two make out, while tasting each other's seed.
Roar & Rock
From: Admin
Added: Aug 10, 2015
Total Photos: 8
I had sent Griffin a couple advance images of Colby. I think he was salivating days before doing this shoot. Griffin said he could not wait to worship his cock.

So we started with Colby standing there, simply getting head. His cock always seems a little wobbly. I think it just gets a lot of blood near the end, and he has no foundation inside his body to support the gravity pull.

But it slides down Griffin's throat with ease, who really could be a sword-swallower for the circus.

And you can tell that Colby has NEVER had anyone deep throat him before. He talks under his breath, clearly astonished. Cock blown, mind blown!

We kept this shoot to just cock worship. Griffin loved the texture of his cock (he said that about Troi) and just could not get enough. Colby does have a nice ass, but I did wanna keep the focus on just his dick.

Colby sits down to give Griffin a few more angles of attack. Colby strikes me as an aggressive dude, so we moved from a passive sitting position, to one where he could really pound Griffin's throat with his cock.

Griffin's specialty! Throat fucking!

Colby's relentlessly hammers his throat while his balls are smashing into Griffin's cheeks and eyes! The under shot on this video is tremendously hot! I love that you can see Colby's face and his cock slides all the way down Griffin's neck.

Colby grabs his dick and jerks a load out for Griffin to eat. And Griffin, who barely got a chance to touch his own cock, nuts moments later, glad to have eaten Colby's seed straight from the pipe!
Colby & Griffin Serviced
From: Jon
Added: Aug 8, 2015
Total Photos: 12
Summer has cum, and with it, the temperatures are rising, and things are getting a bit steamy. Around my place, summer means cum shots are as plentiful as the sunshine itself. Yummy studs have been giving up their hottest cum loads and spraying them high in the air for months now. Natural pearls go flying everywhere - on each others' faces, sliding down throats, dripping from beards, running down rock-hard pecs, glazing abs, and dripping down freshly fucked butt cracks. Dozens of Dirty Tony studs have cum together in this compilation to give their all for you. Everyone from our sveltest twinks, to our beefiest hairiest studs are rubbing their stubbled faces on smooth tatted bodies before white washing each other down. Hardly a tongue goes without a good thick layer of white hot glaze. Throw in a little spit and a steel hard grip stroking thick veined rods, and this video becomes quite a cum-union. Some studs are gushers, some are over the shoulder cum rockets, and even a few shoot straight up in the air like fireworks going off. No ones leaves without at lease one good coating, glistening on their chest and abs. A few lucky studs get to feel their partner blast that cum load while getting fucked balls-deep. No need for teeth whiteners to keep our studs' pearly whites gleaming
Military Cumload
From: Jon
Added: Aug 6, 2015
Total Photos: 16
It's not uncommon for me to get emails from members asking if a certain guy will be coming back for more scenes. The answer to that question can vary, but even when things don't look promising, there's always the possibility that they'll pop up again later. Case in point:

Cliff made his porn debut here and, at that time, was fairly reluctant to do any guy-guy stuff. Well, that was just about five years ago and out of blue he recently got in touch saying he was ready to make the leap. Talk about foreplay!

Cliff has never done anything with a guy before, and never gotten a massage before -- happy-ending or otherwise, so he was checking two things off his bucket list. Luckily, he prepped for the occasion by not jacking off that day; it might not sound like much, but he normally rubs one out 2-3 times a day. Needless to say, he was pretty horned up.

Before the cameras were rolling, he made an off-hand comment about discovering (through an ex-girlfriend) that he liked his ass played with. Mental note made. And one worth making, apparently. As soon as my hands made their way in that direction, Cliff's cock was getting rock hard from between his legs.

Once he rolled over onto his back, Cliff's cock looked like it was about to explode at the slightest touch. I was careful not to push him over the edge too quickly. Not that it mattered much. After blowing one load, without even taking a break for a clean-up, Cliff's cock sprang back into action for a second cumshot!
Cliff's happy-ending
From: Jon
Added: Aug 4, 2015
Total Photos: 8
Surfer Kyle, a former Sailor in the US Navy with a big smooth man butt, enjoys stroking his thick boy cock in this Exclusive Video from Island Studs! Beautiful bulky Kyle is a 20 year old bouncer at a popular bar in Honolulu. I've noticed him for months, but I finally asked him to model for me when he grew a full adult mustache. This soft spoken shy guy has the most handsome baby face, and with a manly mustache he became a really sexy Man / Boy! Born and raised on Oahu by alternative Welsh parents, Kyle became a Buddhist when he was in high school. Kyle recently returned home after serving in the Navy in San Diego. My dialogue with him is very Military: exact, direct, curt, dry, and unedited. Listen to our conversations as I ask him to work planting flower pots balls out naked! Kyle claims that he has never planted anything in his entire life,
Sailor Kyle
From: Jon
Added: Aug 1, 2015
Total Photos: 8
When your car breaks down in the scorching heat of the desert, you're willing to do just about anything you can to get rescued. Hot and bothered Nick Sterling realizes that he's going to submit his juicy round ass to Armando De Armas' fat uncut cock as payment for saving him. Nick is thrilled by the exchange and begins to settle his debt by deep throating Armando's cock. He spits on the massive serpent and lets it glide down his throat until Armando is balls deep. Armando steadies himself by leaning forward and grabbing two handfuls of Nick's bubble butt. Nick lends a hand to spread his cheeks for Armando's tongue that soon delivers a steamy rim job. After getting his cock and balls sucked by Armando in return, Nick lowers his throbbing hole on Armando's cock with a huge sigh. Nick rides. Armando pumps. The desert heat has them both working up a sweat and busting out their loads all over each other
From: Jon
Added: Jul 25, 2015
Total Photos: 8
I thought I would bring you some rough trade for the day. Aric is literally a lumberjack. He has a tough living, cutting down trees and chopping wood. Hence the beat-up shins and very dark tanned face and lower arms. But he is a full-on Ginger, and he had his fiery pubes completely intact. No waiting for them to grow back! He likes the ladies, but has had guys suck his cock. He struggled getting along with women, so thought maybe he might be bi, and tried it with a couple guys. I think he realized quickly that it wasn't his sexuality, but just how he was behaving, then cleaned up his act. He just turned 32, and you can tell he has a lot of experience jerking his cock. I am guessing he is likely just as good in bed. His ass is awesome, and his butthole needs to be penetrated. He says girls have tried to finger him before, but he always makes them stop before they make any progress. So my guess is he will not be keen on getting fucked, but ya never know! His orgasm is tremendous! Cum shoots up in the air like a sprinkler gone crazy! It is very clear, and on his Ginger white skin a bit hard to see, but volumes come out and he has spasms from the amazing orgasm. It looks very intense! He will be back to get a massage next week, so stay tuned for more rough trade red-head action!
Hot Trashy Ginger
From: Jon
Added: Jul 24, 2015
Total Photos: 12
Dakota is always curious about things, but he's getting more than he expected when he's preparing for a jack off alongside hung straight thug Nolan! He takes the lead within minutes and shows what's expected from a jack off buddy, and Dakota doesn't seem to mind. In fact, his own cock is soon throbbing as he strokes Nolan's massive meat! He gets off with Nolan watching, while wanking that big dick too, then helps his straight buddy to spew his own cum out in a very satisfying finish. We all need straight buds like that, right?
Straight Thugs Get...
From: Admin
Added: Jul 23, 2015
Total Photos: 8
 	We have a sensational pairing here, with hot, super hung, ripped lads Luke Desmond and AJ Alexander taking turns sucking and fucking each other with their massive uncut dicks. They both got majorly into it, both being versatile, and both loving a huge cock just as much as the next guy. It was a very strong, passionate session, and a lot happened. So to show you all the best stuff its been split into two parts. Part one is a super hot big dick suckathon. The lads start off in shiny football kit, a bit of kissing, groping and nippleplay, then getting a feel of each others heavy tackle swinging under their loose shorts. They pull out each others dicks and, although Luke is not hard yet, his big schlong hangs heavy. AJ is rock solid, a really fat beercan thick dick with a nice upward curve. AJ gets down onto his knees to get Luke hard with some hot, deep oral action, swallowing it to the base, making it harden and thicken till it swells to a solid nine inches. He then gives an intense sucking, going deep, with loads of spit, and getting facefucked. AJ stands and Luke kneels to face the challenge of AJ\'s super fat rock hard meat. He licks the head for a bit, getting it really wet, then starts sucking on it, his mouth stretched as wide as it will go. AJ pushes it in as deep as he can and Luke struggles a bit but clearly loves it. Laying on their sides on the sofa now, they take turns on each other some more, with tons more very hot monstercock slurping. With both lads gagging to fuck each other, AJ gives Luke\'s arse a deep, wet tongue job. He\'s gonna need it to take that monster!
Luke D and AJ Alexander
From: Jon
Added: Jul 20, 2015
Total Photos: 8
Paul Cannon thinks he hits the jackpot and is finally going to get an actual Mormon between the sheets, but to his dismay he isn’t the only undercover Mormon in town. Jimmy Fanz has been doing this for years, and after Paul finds this out he suggests teaming up, but Jimmy has to make sure he is good at the game first. Paul plows Jimmy’s hot ass showing him everything he’s got
Mormon Undercover
From: Jon
Added: Jul 18, 2015
Total Photos: 7
Johnny and Sean start talking about that aged old question of whether girls or boys give better blowjobs. So Johnny leans over to Sean and starts going down on him, getting his cock rock hard. Sean then moves onto his knees and proceeds to give Johnny head. The two exchange blow jobs, while mouthing off about the girls they've fucked. The lube comes out and these straight boys start jacking off. Sean shoots a huge load onto Johnny's face, followed by Johnny giving Sean a facial. Then Sean is ready to go again and shoots a second load onto Johnny's smiling face. They kiss each other goodbye and head back to their girlfriends
Sean & Johnny B
From: Jon
Added: Jul 16, 2015
Total Photos: 10
Handsome and uncut hottie Devin has skills that go beyond cock stroking. He's starting off this solo with some guitar playing, and you know he's not bad! Once naked it's hard for us not to be distracted by that gorgeous uncut cock and his cum-filled low hangers, and thankfully he's soon beating that meat and pumping his milky load out
Guitar Skills And...
From: Admin
Added: Jul 15, 2015
Total Photos: 8
Cute young straight boy Jack at TheCastingRoom has always thought about doing porn before but never had the opportunity. He has a muscular well-defined body, a sexy tight untouched ass and a cheeky smile. It’s a waste to leave a guy who is as sexy as this to work in fast food. A body this hot should be immortalized on camera before he gets married and fills out. Up until now he’s only been captured naked on camera phones when his girlfriend sucks him off. This is the first full coverage of his cock and magnificent ass
Straight Rugged Brit
From: Jon
Added: Jul 11, 2015
Total Photos: 8