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Matt and Saxon are dumping excess wood and other materials into the dumpster out back behind the warehouse. Once they finish dumping Saxon tells Matt that he's newly single and they Matt begins to suck Saxon off behind the dumpster. He's a little nervous and doesn't want to get caught but Matt keeps blowing him anyways. He loves the way it feels but pulls Matt up and they take the action inside. Once inside matt drops Saxon's pants down and starts to suck on his veiny sexy cock. Saxon face fucks him for a bit than gets down on his knees to blow Matt. He bends Matt over the ladder and spreads his ass wide pushing fingers and his tongue deep inside Matt's ass. Three fingers deep he continues to bang Matt's ass until his hole is wide enough for his hard dick. Saxon pushes his dick balls deep inside Matt and fucks him hard. He moves him to the floor where he continues to fuck him on his knees. Matt can feel the cold cement on his knees as Saxon pumps his ass with his hard cock. Needing to rest his knees Saxon lays Matt on his back and fucks him deep until Matt cums all over himself. Once Saxon sees his cum he can't hold it in no longer and shoots his load all over Matt
Unloading at Work
From: Rebel
Added: Jul 21, 2016
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We were sitting around having some drinks and smokes talking about chicks and getting real
horned up and Kyle walked in just as my hard on was getting a real rage. I took one look at him and remembered what his fat bubble butt looked like in the showers and that was that – we had to pound it. We took turns
spit roasting him, feeding him two cocks at once, filling his mouth and his hole raw. From there we all took turns pounding him bareback and filling him with cum. I swear the bitch liked it too.
Drunk Bottom Frat
Added: Jun 9, 2016
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Nothing this poor private can do when two of his fellow soldiers hold him down on his bunk
and tear his clothes away. He cries out but he can't fight them off as they abuse his hole and face fuck him into submission. He's going to have to muscle through it until they're ready to unload their nutts into him. See if they can make him cry. Enjoy, men
Barracks Fuck down
From: Workboots
Added: Jun 4, 2016
Total Photos: 8
The two drug dealers Florian and Max sell grass to the young and inexperienced pothead Mosikto. And as if the exorbitant price weren`t enough, they follow him, grab hold of him and give him a good fuck. In alternation, Max sucks one of them while getting fucked deeply and firmly by the other. Arm in arm the two machos stand there in their cool sports gear and get serviced by the submissive cock sucker until finally they both shoot their loads.
Drug Fuck
From: Workboots
Added: Jun 3, 2016
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Prison can be hard for anyone, but especially when you’re the new guy.  That’s what new inmate Zane Anders found out when his new cellmate (Rocko South) started getting undressed to reveal his rock hard cock. Without hesitation, Zane takes that dick deep down his throat and before long he is thrusting bareback, deep inside Rocko’s hairy and hungry hole. The two inmates intensely flip-fuck until they both shoot their loads all over the cell floor.
Barebacked in Prison
Added: Jun 2, 2016
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On a late night call to a residential alarm trigger, partners Nick Prescott and Adam Herst find an empty house—and a bottle of lube. Adam drops to his knees, taking out Nick’s rock-hard cock. Nick holds his partner’s head down on his dick, Adam’s own monster throbbing below. Adam sucks him deep, his mustache hairs tickling Nick’s bush—and sliding against his shaft on the way up. Nick whips his dick on Adam’s breathless face. They kiss, cocks grinding, before Nick returns the favor. Nick gasps for air, getting a kiss for his efforts. Adam sucks his bud again, his face getting dick whipped. He offers his ass to Nick, who soon bangs him from behind (“There you go!”). Nick grabs Adam’s uniform, pulling him in closer as he goes faster. Adam sits down on Nick’s dick, the bottom’s cock rock hard as he rides. Adam eats Nick’s hairy hole before fucking him, the top’s smooth abs tightening. Nick gets on his back, his hairy bod soon covered in cum
Bad Cop
Added: May 10, 2016
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Lee Barstow and Ty Frost are best of buds who look like brothers. They're hangin' with Alexis, a new chick that neither of them has banged before. Lee is being cocky and tries to ask why Alexis thinks she's got what it takes to take them both on. Alexis can hold her own and challenges Lee to come up with a game plan. Lee stands up and tells Alexis to get more comfortable as he starts taking off his own clothes. Ty takes no coaxing whatsoever before he joins Lee in getting naked. 

Pure animal instincts take over and Ty is the first to stick his dick in Alexis' face. She gets on her knees to service the cute little sidekick and much like a sports car, gets him from zero to hard in under 60 seconds. Lee gets behind Alexis and fingers her pussy as she continues to suck his buddy's nice thick dick. Lee needs some attention too and Alexis turns her skills to his cock so as not to leave him feeling left out of the mix. Lee's big balls dangle in their sack as Alexis works his big veiny shaft. When he's good and hard, she bends over and Lee sticks it to her doggy style. She takes every inch of Lee's big thick rod and never loses sight of her job with Ty as she gets cock in both her pussy and her face. Lee's huge nuts swings back and forth, slapping against Alexis' ass as he plows her wet hole balls deep. 

The boys tag team Alexis and switch it up so Ty can take some sloppy seconds. He takes his rightful place behind Alexis and shoves his dick inside the same hole that his buddy has warmed and juiced up only seconds before him. After Ty has tried his hand at keeping Alexis wet and ready, Lee gets back in the saddle for a second round of banging the living fuck out of Alexis. 

There are a few awkward moments when Lee thinks he catches Ty stealing glimpses up his ass and another when Lee admits he likes watching his buddy fucking. Each awkward moment makes them giggle and then quickly vie for the attention of the chick in front of them. Alexis alternates giving the boys blowjobs while the other watches, cock in hand, until they end up jerking off next to each other. 

Lee is the first to blow his load. He walks up to Alexis and oozes his warm jizz into her mouth as he squeezes every last drop out of his thick throbbing shaft. Ty asks if they have room for one more and he gently pushes Lee out of the way to drop his own load in Alexis' face. She opens wide and his creamy load rolls out onto her tongue as he throws back his head and groans through his ecstasy. Ty looks down to analyze the jizz he spilled onto his hand and almost looks as if he's contemplating eating the leftovers. He gives a quick glance to the camera, decides against the taste test, and closes his eyes to give a final sigh of pure relief and satisfaction.
Sloppy Seconds
From: BubbaPup
Added: May 3, 2016
Total Photos: 8
Big Buck is Tall, Furry good ol' Southern Bartender from the
Mississippi Shore, with a FULL BUSH of dick, chest and back hair who
enjoys stroking his thick 8
Hairy country Pup
From: BubbaPup
Added: Apr 14, 2016
Total Photos: 8
Devin, Blinx and Kenneth stopped by for a shared jack off shoot, but we thought we'd get a little fun with it. We'd seen another video of a guy fucking a watermelon and we though, fuck it, why not' The boy prepare their temporary fuck toys, get their cocks out and sink their big dicks into those wet insides, soon jacking off and loving it, watching each other as they all unload their dicks over their watermelon's one by one! What a mess these boys made, you'd love to be there to help clean up though!
Wanna Fuck a watermelon??
Added: Apr 9, 2016
Total Photos: 8
A man trapped for ten years in marriage is like keeping a lion in a cage. Now that hetero Alan is free of the ball and chain, he’s like a sexual beast ready to spring and fuck out all those filthy fantasies he’s secretly contained by starting at The Casting Room. There’s something sexy about a real life daddy and knowing that his big pendulous cock and balls really are potent. He’s a big tall hairy meat cake who has never been naked on camera before but here he bends over to bare his precious hetero arsehole for a detailed inspection!
Rugged Married Daddy
From: Tony
Added: Mar 19, 2016
Total Photos: 8
Straight Southern roughneck Joe D. Wood has never had another guy's cock in his hand...until now. Just before Franco finishes jerking Joe off, he moves Joe's hand to his cock, making Joe's first-ever mutual masturbation session with a guy. They both shoot huge loads of cum
Redneck Jo Buddies
From: Admin
Added: Feb 18, 2016
Total Photos: 8
It's been quite a while since we last saw handsome straight guy Keith. He's out of prison and starting over, and he's looking hotter than ever before with his smooth defined body and that tasty hard dick. There's a creamy load of straight dude cum in those swollen nuts ready to be sucked out, and we're happy to help him out!
Servicing A Hot...
From: Smokeme
Added: Feb 4, 2016
Total Photos: 10
Welder Phil is a straight married blue collar father of 3 with a WHITE HAIRY ASS, naturally furry chest, dick, armpits and SUPER Hairy Cock and Balls is exposed for the FIRST TIME on camera in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs. Watch this sexy scruffy, blue collar Pacific Northwest Mountain Man flop his untrimmed cock and balls out of his dirty overalls while holding his welding hood in one hand and his cock in the other. This soft spoken Country boy born and raised in the Oregon countryside lives with his wife and 3 kids in the mountains. Furry Phil's rough voice and hands come from long hours of working in the machine shop welding stainless steel! Imagine this sweet furry Dad welding in his shop wearing only his protective hood and boots! This is Welder Phil's very FIRST TIME modeling nude and he likes being naked outside beside the forest for our cameras! He has a tight lean furry blue collar body covered in a fine layer of mountain fur all over his white round butt! He is a super sexy working class Dad! This polite Oregonian smiles wide as he pulls down his dirty work clothes and tight underwear, revealing his furry baby maker for us all to see. His big balls are covered in a thick bush of long furry dick hair. Welder Phil has one of the hairiest natural man bodies we have ever filmed. Watch Furry Phil get sweaty and dirty as he works naked outside on the deck scrubbing the BBQ grill with his DONG flopping around as he works! His cock and balls get covered in soapy water as he works beside the forest! Our cameras capture this sexy young Daddy from EVERY ANGLE as his sweaty blue collar body glistens in the hot sun. We get great views of his hairy ass when he kneels down on the deck and bends over working with his balls dangling between his ass cheeks! Watch Welder Phil reach around and spread his thick man butt crack WIDE OPEN exposing his hairy man hole for us all to see. His pink furry butt hole is so hot! Another sexy Island Stud shows us his butt hole! After his outdoor nudist work, Mountain Man Phil sits down inside to really enjoy jerking his hard dick for the camera! He pulls on his big nut sack as he strokes his beautiful furry meat! Check out that BIG DICK HEAD! Watch as he flexes his arm while showing us his rock hard cock while sitting on the sofa indoors.
Welder Phil: Married...
From: Admin
Added: Jan 20, 2016
Total Photos: 10
Eric is one of the hottest jocks we've ever met, all about getting off and sharing his big cock with other guys. Brian is the obvious choice for a flip flop fuck, and once the guys have feasted on plenty of inches (and there's a lot to share between these guys) he gets his uncut cock deep in that hole and gives Eric the fucking he demands. Then it's Brian's turn to take it, which he does with his usual ease before both jerk out their cum over each other!
Flip Flop Fucking...
From: Tony
Added: Jan 11, 2016
Total Photos: 8
Kevin has never experienced sex with a man, but he’s a complete professional who understands it’s not about his desire but the action which is required. There’s work with good money for male on male action. Kevin reasons since girlfriends have done everything that can be done to him it won’t feel that different with a man. But before committing to using him we need to make sure he can actually follow through doing the action required. Kevin passes with flying colours. He even grows a big thick boner as soon as his pants come down and his cock gets sucked. It’s satisfying making this big tattooed daddy become so strongly aroused. His dick pulses even more feeling his tight anus being rimmed. When he’s getting fucked it’s exciting to see this hetero take the initiative to stroke his own cock while being penetrated. He moans while his hole is stretched wide open. All this stimulation leads to a big gooey drop of precum coming out of the tip of his dick. He gets his own back fucking Adrian. Kevin may say it’s just for the cash, but this big fella has a good time with his second experience in the casting room
Tatted Kevin
From: Ginger
Added: Dec 7, 2015
Total Photos: 10
Byron is back after some time moving and with a new job that is keeping him quite busy.

Hey has a mustache now that I am not sure I am really digging, but he is still the ultimate straight married dude that just loves to have his ass rammed. His wife loves to watch his videos and it also always fun to see how many times he can hold back from coming.Zale was on his game this day, and I think I can safely say he fucks 3 loads out of Byron.

They start with oral and Zale does a great job of getting Byron hard. Zale's cock is looking amazing with his full bush, and looks extra-large with Byron's mouth wrapped around it. They 69 for a bit but then Byron straddles Zale and inserts his cock.Byron had warned me he would likely cum quickly once the fucking began. He wanted to start facing Zale, so I told him if he started to cum, he really needed to spin around so we could see him cum.

Sure enough, after a bit of ass pounding Byron starts to cum so quickly tries to turn around, mid cum shot, to sit back down on Zale's cock so we can see it. Cum shooting everywhere.It is quite a big load, but Byron didn't think he had came all the way. He scoops up the cum, lubes up Zale's cock with it, then squats some more on his cock. He does some riding to see if he can get even more cum out of his cock.

Another load quickly builds and he shoots his second one for us!That was quite a work out, so we get Byron doggie style so Zale can get some own high speed fucking in. Zale was starting to get close, but wanted to see if he could get one more load out of Byron.He flips him on to his back and hammers him without mercy. Byron jerks out his third load. Not a lot comes out at this point, but you can tell it is intense. Zale shots his load onto Byron's hole, juicing his hole until cum is oozing everywhere. Byron literally bites the bullet by flipping over and giving Zale's cum-soaked cock a good cleaning!
Byron & Zale RAW
From: Smokeme
Added: Nov 30, 2015
Total Photos: 12
We never thought we'd see Chris taking a dick in his ass, but then we never thought we'd see him hungrily sucking on Brian's big uncut cock either! The guy is looking a little more muscular these days, and he's obviously more adventurous than before when he grabbed Brian's boner and jerked him to a cum load. He takes it raw and deep, before both empty their balls with some final jerking.
Str8 Chris Is Hungry...
From: Redneck
Added: Nov 24, 2015
Total Photos: 9
New inmates often think that the guards will protect them but they’re wrong. When Dimitri Kane was incarcerated for the first time, he thought that he found a buddy in Tony Paradise. Tony wanted more, and even though Dimitri is straight he was willing to show some appreciation. Dimitri takes Tony’s fat cock deep in his throat, and then up his convict hole.
A Guide to Sex in Prison
From: BubbaPup
Added: Nov 22, 2015
Total Photos: 10
Big manly tattooed Kevin is strapped down naked on the discipline bench and he can’t move an inch! His big meaty arse is pointed in the air with his fat cock and heavy nuts dangling between his powerful thighs. All fully exposed and vulnerable to whatever filthy things Dave and Adrian want to do to his body. Kevin’s hetero pride still makes him fight against us. He refused to worship the stiff cock stinking of piss that is presented in front of his face. Little does he realize how his severely his balls are on the line! Dave pierces his scrotum with a safety pin making the stupid cunt finally realize we are not fucking around!
Kevin writhes on the bench in agony at having his precious balls now literally on a leash as his pieced scrotum is attached to his toes. Now he is pinned down, trapped in place fearful of ripping the piercing out. The desperate straight man now begs to suck cock and takes each man’s girth in his mouth in turn. His mouth is filled with the sharp tang of men’s cocks. At the same time his arsehole is spread and impaled with a big fat dildo. The big tough guy is fucked at both ends, now utterly tamed and compliant. If he can’t suck properly he’s going to be spanked and penetrated all the deeper. Dave fucks his big manly rump and sprays his seed all over his aching sloppy hole. Now we own this fucker’s body.
Big manly tattooed Kevin
From: Ginger
Added: Nov 21, 2015
Total Photos: 8
Coming out of the closet happens on its own schedule. And when you are in the military, it can happen even when you would least expect it. That was the case for Army Sergeant Randy, who found himself coming out while on deployment in Afghanistan. He had a buddy that seemed a bit handsy and friendly in more that just a platonic sense. One day, Randy got a message from his buddy asking if he wanted to come over and watch a movie, hang out and maybe a bit more. Randy went for it, and it went much further than hands. They went the whole nine yards. When Randy left the tent later, he couldn't believe it had happened, but he was all about getting him some more. And more he got, working his way up and down the ranks. Randy is now happy to show off his sexual side as he peels off his blouse and t-shirt to get more comfortable. His hands go right down to his trousers as he starts kneading his meat. In moments he whips it out and goes hands on, stroking his long cock until its standing tall and ready for action. Randy jumps to his knees and gives up a profile shot as he tightens his grip and takes full length strokes at his rod. Then he throws his boots and trousers off and shows off his butt crack and nut sack as he works his meat some more. After a few more strokes, he flips onto his stomach and spreads his ass cheeks, letting his middle finger dive in and out of his hole. He starts pounding his rod hard and fast as he edges closer. His hips rise off the bed as he launches volley after volley of creamy white cum, high into the air, landing on his chest and abs. In a few moments, he is coated in a nice glaze of jiz
From: BubbaPup
Added: Nov 12, 2015
Total Photos: 10