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Back to All StoriesThe Lost Pup — Pup meets the cowboy.

The Lost Pup — Pup meets the cowboy.

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The Lost Pup

The Cowboy

Friday morning

Yawn!!... stretch. Slowly I crawl out of the tent. It's a peaceful morning. The sunrise is beautiful from up here. Wearing only my studded leather collar, the warmth of the morning summer sun licks and caresses my nude body. I sure was a lucky pup to get this spot on the ledge, overlooking the valley below( oh yeah. Did I mention I am a pup? Yeah I am a pup. If you don't know it is a sub culture of the leather and bdsm world). "I gotta pee" I say to my self.

I sniff around the ground as I make my way to my tree on all fours. I don't have my knee pads on and scuff up my knees, but it doesn't matter, I have had far worse rug burns. I lift my leg and let loose with my morning business. My camp site is fairly secluded and no one is around so I sniff the puddle that formed at the base of my tree and give a little taste, "kind of strong, I need to drink more water"... Back at the tent, I whimper a little as I tighten my knee pads. It hurts a bit as the pads rub against the new cuts on my knees. I open a can of hash, empty it in my food dish, and pour some fresh water in my water dish. Nom nom nom nom. I make quick work polishing off my can and then take a huge drink from my water dish. Finally finished, I let out a big burp. My face is a mess, but, a swim will fix that.

After breakfast, I head off on a trail for my morning walk, I hear a noise behind me, look, but don't see anything. After a minute of investigating the noise, and finding nothing, I get back to my walk.

Wham!! Out of nowhere I get tackled. The body hits me like a ton of bricks. A hand grabs my collar and an arm wraps around my chest as legs wrap around my waist. The weight of the guy on my back pins me to the ground. I can feel a few cuts and scrapes from the brush we tumbled through.

Instinct kicks in and I try to free myself, but, the man is far too strong. Growling, I try to fight him off, but he tightens his grip on me making it hard to breath.

"Easy boy, don't struggle, I don't want to hurt you" a deep voice says in my ear. My pup training has helped me develop my sense of smell, although with this guy it was not needed. No deodorant, his musk is strong. It is also tinged with the smell of campfire and last night's whiskey on his breath. Man, pure Man. It makes my head spin.

Whimpering, I reluctantly submit to this Alpha Male. As I relax I feel that he is naked. His hard manhood pressed against the small of my back, and I feel something wet and sticky. The arm around my chest disappears, all of a sudden I feel pressure at my bum hole. Teeth bite into my shoulder as the pressure at my anus increases. "Pop", my body gives in to his insistence, despite my panic, and I am quickly filled. Dominated. I let out a strangled yelp at the rough invasion. Impaled fully, I feel his pelvic bone smash into me. His testicles slap mine as the single thrust is completed. As deep in me as his (what I now realize is a) huge manhood can get. I feel torn open.

Wait...this man is as deep as he can get. Why am I still being filled?


The warm, filling sensation turns rapidly to an uncomfortable bloated, burning. He is marking me. He is filling me with his scent. Urinating in me. O humiliation.

When his length drains completely into my gut, I cry out in distress. Fingers down my throat quickly silence me, but for the gagging that his fingers induce. I don't puke though. I am proud at that realization.

As the massive, and still unseen, member withdraws from me, some of the fluid now weighing in my inner most place leaks out. Only a small amount though. Suddenly something is jammed in me stopping my hole like a cork.

Yelp!! Is that my tail plug? Wiggle my butt, yup. How did he get that.

As I melt into his strength he whispers into my ear "Good boy. I know you want this, I saw you watching me yesterday, now you are coming with me." I noticed a distinct southern drawl in his voice as he spoke. When I stop struggling he loosens his grip but keeps a tight grasp on my collar. I hear a click as he attaches what I know to be a leash. With the leash clipped to my collar he lets me up. I finally get to see the man who captured me. Its him... The Cowboy!!

Thursday afternoon

"So, any big plans this weekend, Scott?" asks Tommy, the super sexy little clerk at the package store, as he rings up my order. Two cases of beer.

"Yeah, actually. I have a long weekend, gonna go camping in New Hampshire. maybe see if I cant find some trouble with a few hot guys.

He laughs. Tommy is a good kid for a straight boy. I am always flirting with him, and he takes it with good humor. Joking that I couldn't handle him anyway. Even if he did decide to switch teams... if he only knew.

An hour and a half later I pull into the campground. Putting out the blunt I rolled for the ride, I smile to myself reveling in the mellow buzz I have. Rummaging through my gear bag I find my collar, black and red leather with a Celtic Knot design embossed into it. It's too early for the spiked collar.

There are a few vehicles in the parking area, and I see a few naked men milling around the grounds, "guess I am not the only one who wants an early start to their Memorial Day weekend."

Reaching for the door to the reception office, I am almost knocked to the ground as the door swings outward, and a mountain of a man comes out of the office.

Out of reflex I lower my eyes to the ground. This guy is huge, intimidating. I see his well worn Red Wing boots. I wonder if they have the "Vibram" label on the soles. God I want to lick them. Slowly I raise my eyes, noticing the very tight jeans he is wearing. The denim is frayed near the bottom of his bulge. Crap. I catch my self drooling. Up a little more and I see his old faded tee shirt, at least a size too small, straining against his pecs. His nipples outlined by the thread bare material. Did I just lick my lips?

As I hurry past him, suddenly blushing from embarrassment, our eyes meet. There is a look in his eyes that makes me shudder. Like he is a predator, and I am his prey. I hope he doesn't notice the rise in my shorts. Seeing me shudder just makes him smirk. I break eye contact and hurry into the office.

I am a little frazzled by the encounter, and try to shake it off as I move up to the reception desk.

"Hey Dave!" I say to the guy at the desk. I have been coming here for a few years faithfully, and have a good relationship with Dave and his boyfriend Craig.

Dave is a handsome man in his early 50's, though he looks much younger. Dark hair with a hint of that sexy silver coming in on the sides. His skin is tanned from all the time he spends outside. He is kind of skinny for me, but, he is a sweet heart.

"There is my favorite pup!!" he shouts as he comes around the desk to give me a hug. I melt into the embrace. I flinch as he slaps my bottom a little too hard."Who wants a treat?!?!"he asks with that mad sexy grin of his.

"Oh... me, me, me, I do, I do, I do" I cry, dropping to all fours, as he reaches into the jar with the milk-bones in it. Another thing my pup training has engrained into me. Treats are good.

Holding the milk-bone out for me, I lunge for it.


I let out a pained yelp as the sting from the slap travels from my cheek through my body like a current of electricity.

"Did I say you could take this treat yet?"

"No Sir" I pout as I lower my gaze to the floor.

" and what are pups supposed to do when offered a treat?"

"sit and wait Sir, until Sir says pup can have it, Sir" I mumble, trying to put on the most pathetically sad face I can muster.

"Good boy" he grins as he tosses me the treat. "get it"

I catch it in my mouth. I love that trick.

On my way out I see Him again with that look on his face. I cant tear my eyes from him.. Now he has a cowboy hat on. What the heck. How sexy can a man get?

At my camp site, I set up my tent and the gear tent. Quickly clean out the old ashes from the fire ring. Get my beer cooler from the bed of my truck, grab a bottle, open it and take a long swig. Oh yeah that hits the spot. I fish my glass pipe out of the center console of the truck and my bag of herb. Pack it and take a few tokes while I chill on the picnic table and finish my beer. The next beer will be in my water dish.

While I relax a little before bringing my truck back I see a couple of nude men hiking on the trail beyond my site. One is wearing a cowboy hat. Is it him? Oh well. I quickly shed my clothes, grab a few beers and my weed, hop in the truck and head back to the parking area.

The parking area is off to one side of the common area, where everyone usually gathers to visit, mingle, play volley ball or bache. Or sit by the main fire pit and sip on whatever cocktail being enjoyed that evening. Tonight its red headed sluts. Dave thinks he is funny.(he is)

The sun is setting as Dave starts the fire at the pit. I have already had a few shots and a couple beers, and I am feeling kind of loose. I am not in to full pup mode yet, but I am getting a touch playful, looking at all these naked men in the common area, maybe about 10. The Man in the cowboy hat is not here, I am looking for Him, even though he scares me. It seems like he is not coming to the fire tonight. My frisky nature asserts itself as I look for someone to play with and tease a little. I sneak up on my friend Mark, who is talking to his husband Eric. Eric sees me and smirks a little knowing I am up to no good. Eric does me a solid and keeps his husbands attention as I slowly sneak up, sniff his naked bum. It smells so good, like sweat and the faint trace of the soap, Irish Spring, he used when he showered this morning. I cant resist. I lie, I don't even try to resist,

"OW" what the..."Mark shouts as I bite his tight little butt.

He looks back and sees me on all fours, smiles and says, "get over here you bad pup". He pushes me over and I flop on the ground leaving my belly exposed for a belly rub, that Mark roughly administers.

Ugh... my groan is pure ecstasy. As I look up from the belly rub, crap, its Him. The Cowboy. Leering at me. And he is naked!! Looking like a starved animal and I am a slab of meat.

I get up hurriedly, keep my eyes off the rippling muscles, tight lean body with , the hairy pecs, perfectly formed, the gorgeous face, maybe early forties, with a few days stubble on a strong masculine jaw. The beautiful endowment of masculine pride he was blessed with. Oh no, drooling again. I say a generic good night to the crowd and run, full sprint to my camp site. He scares me.

Friday morning.

The cowboy lets me up, grabs my face, and glares at me with fire in His amazing azure eyes. His lip curls into a terrifying snarl. My knees go weak, I let a muffles whimper escape my lips.

"Come on you little slut, I have a job for you." His smokey voice whispers in my ear.

My panic sets in. A stream of urine escapes my bladder. The flow hits His leg and runs down pooling at His feet.

"You are going to pay for that pup" The Cowboy teases, and He jerks the leash causing me to fall forward. Bracing myself with my hands I land in my piddle puddle. Ever so gently He lifts his foot, places it on my head and adds pressure, forcing my face into the puddle.

"Get up!!" He shouts and pulls me up choking me until I stand. Oh yeah, I am full of pee. I feel His scent sloshing around inside me. So bloated, that my belly is distended. I feel like I am holding a gallon. No time to think. I am being led down the path to the other tent sites. My Captor says not another word to this poor scared pup until we get to his site.

It is a secluded site to the back of the grounds. As we get to the clearing I see a big cabin style tent. There is a guy sitting by the fire ring having a coffee, smoking a cigar.

"Hey y'all, look what I found in the woods, who wants to f*@k" the new guy looks up and starts cheering, like I am some kind of prize he has just won.

"We are going to have fun now slut pup." with that he shoves me to my knees.(see why I have knee pads?) He roughly removes the plug holding His urine in me. I scream in pain at the sudden removal. No warning, just empty. The sudden, glorious release of pressure, from his load of pee, causes the pain to quickly fade. It feels so wonderful I don't even get embarrassed about the mess I made in front of these two Men. The Cowboy roughly grabs my chin and asks if I want meat for breakfast, and when I try to avert my eyes his grip tightens. It hurts, but I am too scared to cry out. I only answer "yes Sir". CRACK. A slap on the side of my face brings a tear to my eye. When my Tormenter sees this He smiles wickedly. "You call me Daddy."

"yes Daddy"

"Hey Rick, get the stake out of the truck.

"steak" I think to myself, almost daring to be hopeful.

Rick gets up quickly and grabs something from the truck. He has a bunch of ink on his body, and I see a shiny thing on his Manhood. What grabs my attention is what is in his hand. My heart drops. Oh stake.

Rick tosses the tent stake to The Cowboy, who catches it and stakes the end of my leash to the ground, giving me a six foot circle of movement. He then grabs a handful of my hair and forces me down on all fours(knee pads). Standing in front of me he waves his glory in my face. Its beautiful. A work of human art. His dark forest of pubic hair is very neatly trimmed. It frames the most wonderful penis I have ever seen. It must be ten inches long. Thick and heavy, throbbing in rhythm with his pulse. Veins like a road map trace their way down the monster shaft before me, drawing my gaze to the huge mushroom head. The tip is deep, angry purple.

"lick it" He says almost sweetly. I take a couple of sniffs. I can smell myself on him, and the scent of the urine he deposited in me is still strong. I extent my tongue. Take a tentative taste. My flavor mixes with his divinely. I close my eyes, getting lost in the myriad of flavor and scent, making my head spin. The taste and smell enhancing each other, burning into me. Taking me. Nirvana. All fear leaves me. This is what I was made for.

Gag. Lost in my own existence of sensory delight I neglect the Man before me. He slams into me like a battering ram, forcing me to swallow His erection whole. I look into His eyes, now dark and glazed over with lust, as He pierces my face with His iron flesh. All I can do is moan. My mouth so stretched out I think my lips may tear. I don't care. I love being a stray.

Unaware of the movement around me I am startles when I feel something warm and moist at my rear entrance. I don't even bother to look. I have my breakfast in my mouth now. Without hesitation I start working the organ deeply implanted in my throat, bobbing back and forth ever so slowly and deliberately. I need my Cowboy to know I want this. My tongue works the shaft while I add a slight suction. Pulling back to work the head in a swirling motion with my tongue, digging into the slit where the sweet nectar of Man is so freely leaking out. The taste is intense and causes a feeding frenzy. I go mad with desire and start consuming his shaft with deep aggressive thrusts of my head. I can't get enough. I growl, and start making depraved guttural noises.

Looking up I see a stunned expression as my Cowboy watches the amazing service he is receiving.(yes I said it. I am amazing)His moans adding to my madness. The whole time my hole is being tongued and licked. Who ever that is back there knows how to make a pup squirm. The noise I make as I feel a finger penetrate me is of pure wanton carnal desire. I think my Cowboy liked the sound, because he grabbed my head and took over. He started powerful thrusts plunging far past my tonsils. Not fast thrusts, mind you, just powerful. As another finger pokes in stretching me more. Sliding in and out of my sloppy pucker driving me wild. Moaning and growling like a rabid beast I work in tandem to my Cowboys thrusts and the now three fingers in me. My only thought is to submit to these two fine specimens of masculinity

The initial gag was caused by the surprise penetration of my gullet, now I am focused. No more gag.

"Rick, make sure he is nice and ready for me, I want that a$$"

"Oh, this little whore is more than ready for ya," Rick stood up and gave me a hard slap on my bottom.

The two men Switched places. Now I see the other beautiful man standing in front of me. Ricks body is a mural of ink work. Some tribal, some animals, a dragon, a rose, all expertly woven into one piece that covered his arms, chest and abdomen. Some fine tatt work. Got to get his artists name. The shiny thing on his eight inch member is the biggest P.A. I have ever seen. How will that fit in me? Oh yeah I am amazing. I will take it.

That thought leaves my brain as a red hot flare shoots through my body. I am full again. While I was admiring the younger man my Cowboy entered me in one swift stroke, splitting me up the middle, driving me forward, mouth first into the beast between Ricks legs.. What the heck? Ever hear of slow and easy? Yup that thought fades quickly as the thrusting starts. Slow and hard. A steady assault on my poor abused pucker. Stretched to the limit by the python my Cowboy wields like a mighty sword. Felling his prey with the sheer force of his manhood. I am out of my mind Full at both ends. Rick quickly joins in with his own thrusts. I feel his penile adornment sliding down my throat. I love that feeling. It is such a weird sensation. I think I am going to choke on it but I don't.

It just follows the out stroke and leads the in. Amazing. I am only here to pleasure these men. Captured and subjugated. The realization that I am being so completely dominated by these two beautiful men causes the stir in the bottom of my testicles. The stir grows to a simmer when I hear the moaning and swearing of the Cowboy as he grinds and ruts into me pummeling that spot we bottoms love so much. The magic button of bliss deep inside. My erection is drooling its self. Fountaning precum. Oh I am so close. I am dying to touch myself. I move my hand and reach for my own release when a slap on my abused bottom changes my mind instantly.

"No one told you to touch yourself b#$@h" Rick mocked. My Cowboy just laughs.

My jaw aching. The taste of Ricks juices filling my mouth my colon being torn to shreds, all the dirty talk. The sheer lust of the scene happening. I am experiencing total, mind robbing ecstasy. Rick and my cowboy high five and Rick screams "switch", and with that I am left empty and whimpering. I thought they were just trading places, but noooope. The Cowboy lies down next to me. He grabs my collar and roughly drags me onto him.

"Be a good boy now. Sit pup."

He called me a good boy!! I happily sit on my cowboys penis. Leaning in to lick his face.

I stop as soon as I realize what is happening. I try to get away but four hands are on my collar, holding me fast.

"You ain't going nowhere s#^thead" Rick sneers.

"NOOOOOOOOO... OOOOOOOOO!!" I scream in a mix of pain and pleasure ad Rick pushed in. I am being taken by both Men. I almost pass out. I moan and writhe as both men pound me in alternating strokes. One still as the other piledrives into my over filled body. The pressure is too much. The simmer is a full roaring boil in my loins now. I can't hold on any more. I howl at the top of my lungs as my body tightens. My body lets go as I unload my semen in one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. I feel the muscles in my rectum spasm as wave after wave of pleasure courses through me like a raging storm. That must have been enough to send the Rick and my Cowboy over the edge. I don't know which one came first but in an instant I revel in the warm flood erupting inside me. I feel jet after jet of warm Man nectar streaming up inside me, filling me past capacity. Leaking out between the pistoning in me.

Exhausted I fall onto the Cowboy below me. Collapsing in a boneless sweaty heap. Leaking from my moist well worn hole. I let out a sigh as Rick pulls out. I look into the cowboys eyes and melt. I give him a little kiss on his chin and bite his nose. "Thank you Daddy."

"You were a Good boy, now get up so Daddy can stretch."

my legs feel like rubber as I try to stand. Rick goes to the truck and grabs a cigarette and lights it. "get over here pup. Clean me off. I hurry over to him to obey hid orders. I drop to me knees and lick his shaft clean, getting every drop of his sperm from between his thighs and his scrotum.

After Rick is clean he grabs my collar and forces me over the picnic table. He gets behind me and starts licking my poor swollen, destroyed hole. I hear his greedy slurping sounds as he sucks out the sperm left in me. I moan in agony and bliss as his tongue soothes my battered entrance. While I am being taken care of, my Cowboy comes over to me without a word. I know my job. I clean him off too. When Rick is done cleaning me out he moves over to the cowboy gives him a big kiss feeding him the snowball of their mixed seed.

"This was the best birthday ever Dad."

"I love you son."

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