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Something Different — His wife leaves him for another and he copes the best he can

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Something Different

Sitting alone in his car outside a gay bar 50 miles from his home Rick gripped the wheel nervously debating whether or not to leave or 'take the plunge'. His wife Tanya left him for another man six months before and he hadn't heard from or seen her since. Not that he was upset by that, she had been difficult in recent years. He'd walked in on her fucking the guy she left him for, a solid signal that things weren't working out. She was facing the headboard howling in passion as she got fucked hard doggy style. He had a death grip on her hips and she grasped the top of the headboard as the 'Clap, clap, clap of their skin coming together masked his opening the door. 

Neither of them noticed him standing in the door and he stood there a good five minutes watching them fuck. By that time they were deep into hard fucking. He stayed long enough to hear his wife cum...and to watch the man empty is balls into his wife. Silently he turned to leave, leaving the door open to let them know he had been there. He came home the next day to find her gone. 

That was the last he'd seen of his wife. She didn't even bother filing for divorce. Her sister called him several weeks later asking what had happened and he told her what he knew. Ellen, his wives sister, had the hot's for him but had kept it to herself. Taking advantage of the situation, in spite of her being married, she came over. The minute the door was closed she threw herself at him and kissed him passionately...then, without warning dropped to her knees and blew him right there in the foyer...she then took him to his bedroom and fucked him so long and hard neither of them could walk correctly for two days afterward. 

He certainly didn't mind the situation because he too had harbored lustful thoughts about Ellen for years. Something about her was more alluring than his wife Lauren. Ellen was warmer and in a way sexier to him than Lauren had been. However Ellen's husband got suspicious of her frequent visits and forced her to stop coming. Yet, she did manage the occasional visit, once or twice a month. This would continue until she finally left her husband for him...but it would take several years of on and off seeing each other in secret before she built up the courage to leave, luckily she had no children as she was barren. 

In the meantime Rick had to muddle-on the best he could. The first six months after she left was a storm of torment and anger. A situation that forced him to take up going to the gym more frequently to help burn off his anger in a positive manner, leading to his meeting James. James was a successful club owner and a frequent visitor to the gym where he worked out. Eventually they started meeting at the gym to work out together and soon became friends. 

After a month or so of getting to know each other James let slip, accidentally or not, the fact that he was gay. Rick not being a homophobe didn't react negatively to his coming out. However, it did lead to Rick asking questions about being gay, what he liked to do and what gay sex was like, etc. This opened the door to James beginning his well-practiced art of seduction. Only he didn't have to work quite as hard on Rick as he expected to. In fact it took exactly 20 minutes from his first effort before he was pressing Rick against the shower wall with his hard cock at the ready. It was Rick who pretty much gave himself to James. 

Out of the blue he had admitted to James his desire to feel a hot, hard cock in his mouth and ass, something he'd been curious about for a while, while reaching unconsciously for James hardening cock in the shower where he, Rick, dropped to his knees and briefly put James cock into his mouth. Had it not been for the locker room door slamming open with a rush of college students...Rick would have sucked him off right there in the shower, luckily the shower stalls were opposite the door so nobody saw them. He would have continued only one of the students announced that he was going to rinse off in the shower before heading home. That killed it for Rick. There simply wasn't the privacy to do what they both wanted. 

The idea of a hot, throbbing cock buried deep inside his ass was a desperate want Rick had shared with few. That had been a week before. When James left he said to come to this bar if he wanted to 'meet up'. In that week they'd chatted on line where Rick let his deepest desires known to 'James'. They even spoke on the phone several times getting to know each other better. Both his nervousness and excitement grew as their 'date' grew nearer and nearer. The last 24 hours before their meeting was an emotional roller coaster ride that made him feel psychotic. One minute he wanted it so bad he wanted to race to James and get it done, the next he was scared to death someone would recognize him, not once considering the fact that 'if' anyone did they would likely not want to share the fact they were there to recognize him. 

On the day of their meeting he'd driven the 50 miles to the club nearly turning around several times but did eventually find himself parking against the back wall of the back lot with the back door of the bar glowing red with slew men and some women coming and going. 

For 30 minutes he sat watching people come and go while he waited for the time he was supposed to meet James. He didn't want to seem too eager or desperate. In that time one guy blew another guy in the space next to his car. If they'd seen him it wasn't obvious and if they did they certainly didn't' care. Just as he was about to exit the car another couple fell onto his hood and fucked. The bottom man was slammed hard onto the hood and his jeans torn off as his lover dumped a tube of lube onto his ass and rammed his cock home. The bottom man noticed Rick and their eyes locked onto each other as things progressed. 

The sheer bliss on this man's face indicated that he enjoyed every inch of cock being shoved into his ass. They stared at each other as the top man slowly increased his attack. It was clear the bottom man loved being used this way. The sight was enough to entice Rick to finally go inside. They were both lying on his hood going to town as he locked up his car and moved toward the back door of the club. 

James said he'd be in the far corner in a booth but he'd have to come in and walk up to him to see him properly...the bar was deliberately dark. Once inside he let his eyes adjust and made his way to the far corner before he changed his mind...again. James was charming and knew how to seduce him which was why he had been so willing to blow him in a semi-public shower, but the intrusion of 10 college students had killed the moment. In the time it took to cross the floor, Rick had nearly turned to leave, twice. 

In the shower he'd seen his physique as well as his endowment. When erect it had to be easily 10 inches...and the girth was fucking perfect and his body was, well, perfect, for a guy. If he was going to take the plunge he might as well do it with a guy who looked the part. 

Reaching the booth, he had to step up to the edge of the table to see James sitting there, smiling in the darkened corner. He'd watched him come in and saw each time Rick had paused and then proceeded on. The booth was circular with a curtain that could be pulled closed. Nervously he sat down and moved in next to James. Waiting for him was a drink, a whiskey with a wedge of lime and one ice cube. "I want you to relax, ok. Nothing will happen, if it happens, that will hurt you,' he reached for his wrist and leaned in 'I promise" and squeezed his wrist gently as if to emphasize the point. In that instant Rick wanted him, but was too nervous to let it show so he mingled his fingers with James. It was the first time he'd held hands with another man, so far so good. Sipping his whiskey they talked for a while and got to know each other better. 

In that time Rick learned the James owned the club and lived in a house built as a bomb shelter in the 1950s. The house itself passed through the hill and opened onto a panoramic view of the Pacific complete with a private beach that couldn't be seen except from the ocean. But what was more the house was immediately beneath them under the club. 

As they talked James took Ricks hand and placed it on his hardening cock which was snaking down the leg of his jeans. Rick didn't jump or pull away but instead began to get acquainted with the hardening cock through the fabric, concentrating on how it felt in his hand... liking it...a lot. 

James chuckled at Ricks clear want of his cock "Do you want to see it?' he asked then quickly said 'the house I mean. Nothing will happen if you don't want it to...I just figured it might be easier for you to relax if we were alone." 

Rick was fast losing his nervousness and nodded agreement and stroked James cock gently thru the fabric and said "It's ok...I guess being nervous is normal for this sort of thing, and I would have said 'yes' if you meant your cock. Remember you had me where you wanted me in the shower fact I was ready to give myself to you then...all of me... I wasn't that hard to seduce apparently" he said smiling. 

James smiled, sipped his whiskey shaking his head "No, no you weren't that hard at all. All I had to do was show you my cock, move in close and you I'm afraid gave in before I did much more than Whisper 'I want you.' Moving in a bit closer, James turned to give Rick better access to his hardened cock and whispered into his ear "...and I do want you... bad". With that the curtains closed around the booth and the booth itself jerked and went down. Startled Rick jumped not expecting the seat he was sitting on to drop. 

After a short ride in which the booth dropped a long way, so that the sound of the club faded to nothing. "I had my home insulated from the sound. I don't want to be disturbed in my home by the 'thump' of the club. That and it often proves a distraction to my guests, those whom I do bring here." Once on the bottom the booth itself turned around and the curtains opened to reveal a fully furnished, open home. The appearance was that of a house that was built fully underground with scenes of nature and a pool that had a waterfall cascading from the ceiling and which meandered through the entire house like a stream. A bridge crossed the 'stream like' pool several times as they went deeper into the house. Once on the far side of the house a glass door opened onto a huge deck that overlooked the ocean. The sun had set already but the orange glow of it still peaked over the horizon. 

Next to the sunken hot tub which was fed by the stream that meandered through the house, was a bucket with a bottle of Champagne nestled in the ice. Not quite dark, but no longer light the deck had a surreal, romantic feel to it. James opened the bottle of champagne and poured them each a glass and then indicated a couch on the far side of the hot tub. Once again they sat next to each other hips touching, and little by little the 'tension' both eased and increased, in a very different way. Ricks hand remained present on James now granite hard cock. Conversation flowed easily and freely moving without any hesitation into their conversations about sex. Once that topic was breached James suggested that they get into the hot tub. It had been an hour of getting to know each other and one full bottle of champagne which helped this transition along. 

Slowly James stood up and removed his clothes until he was completely naked. His muscles were clearly defined and his pubic hair was gone. In the gym shower there had been a strip only but that was now completely missing. Rick had also, upon request, done the same that week at a waxing salon. Standing before him was a chiseled and cut man with a cock that stood rigid in all its magnificent 10" glory. Rick was staring at the head of the cock that would be used on him that evening. The idea did not deter him in the slightest but he was mesmerized by the thought of 'that' beautiful cock being stuffed into his body. 

Without warning he reached for Rick and pulled him up, slowly undid his jeans and let them fall. Then James sat back down pulled Rick over his lap and said "I had to take your pants off, you didn't help. So I have to punish you." And a semi hard slap came down onto his butt cheek. The sting of a hand slapping his ass was amazingly erotic. James hadn't made it hurt, but the emphasis was there and Rick closed his eyes and whispered "More...please" and he felt another slap of his palm strike. Rick moaned in excitement as James spanked him. Every so often a warm hand caressed his ass and a lone finger probed between his cheeks. After the third such probing he dropped his head and said "please...please...more" he said as James hardness pressed against his belly as he spread his legs inviting James to probe more deeply...which he finger at a time. 

After a protracted and gentle spanking and fingering, both Rick and James were in a state that ice water could not have dowsed. James voice, quaking in passion, said "I have wanted you since I first saw you...Rick' an arm encircled his waste, 'I want you' he looked at Rick 'I want to see your mouth on my fuck your throat...and, and...'James was getting nervous 'I want you to take my cum...swallow take my cock in your I can shoot my cum so deep inside you it won't ever come out." 

The crude, honesty of James assertions was a serious turn on for Rick. He'd wanted to hear him say words just like that...exactly like that because he wanted to take his his throat...and up his ass...he'd said as much over the phone. Now he was faced with that reality as his ass stung from his first spanking. James kissed his neck and shoulders as Rick said "I want your cum James' he said pressing his forehead onto his muscular chest. 'I want you to fuck my throat, I want your cum' he said reaching for his cock...stroking it...'I want to feel this inside me...pumping me full of your cum James...I want you." The words flowed easily and he found that James hugged him close in response. 

"I promise to be gentle" he said. 

Rick took one of James hands and placed it on his ass. "Not too gentle. I hope we aren't done with that" he said. 

Stepping into the hot tub James opened another bottle of champagne. Rick noticed that the stream dumped into the tub between two faux rocks. When he looked closer...he noticed the rocks were designed to have a person lying in the stream with his head hanging down, face up. It dawned on him what this was for. Reaching for the water he noted it was warm, almost hot, but not quite. Taking the initiative he leaned his head back and tested the device out. Sure enough it was designed specifically for one man to lay back and the other to stand and fuck his throat. Looking at James upside down he said "This might be interesting." Water began to cascade over his body leaving his face exposed to his soon to be lover. James didn't have to be told twice before he took station at Ricks head. Rick looked up at James saying "Just go slow...I haven't done this before." 

James looked down " you want me to pull out when I cum?" he asked. 

Rick full of excited lust said "I'm not sure yet...let's find out" and with that guided James erect cock to his mouth by grabbing James wrists and pulled him forward. James then placed his hands on the rocks next to Rick who let go of the wrists and placed his hands on his hips as a means of guiding his cock into his hungry mouth. With the warm water washing over his body Rick let James cock slide into his mouth and slide over his tongue and press against his throats opening. Instead of intimidation Rick found it exhilarating. James began massaging Rick's throat by sliding his thumb and index finger along the length of his esophagus gently as Rick slid his cock in and out at a pace he was comfortable with. James knew Rick wanted to deep throat him...but wasn't likely to his first time out but then Rick appeared to be eager and willing. 

This position allowed for a straight shot into the throat and if he wanted to James could have easily shoved his entire length down Rick's throat. However, that would have hurt Rick too much and killed the evening before it began. So he took it slow and let Rick set his own pace and enjoyed the ride. Rick had grabbed his thighs and slowly took his cock down his throat gagging once in a while...but persisted. James enjoyed the enthusiasm Rick displayed and was amazed that Rick was eager to try and deep throat him. Soon it became clear that Rick wasn't a novice or had at some point sucked cock, that or he was a natural. "You've sucked a cock before...haven't you?" he said conversationally. Rick, having a cock in his mouth couldn't answer but continued on with his ministrations on James cock. James was enjoying both the view of his cock sliding into Rick's mouth and the idea that he was going to be able to have this man any way he wanted. 

With his hands on the handles, which were built into the rock, as he called it, he let Rick pull his cock in as deep as he was comfortable with and push it out as far as he wanted. Rick was in total control of the situation and he was totally ok with that. What amazed him was the fact that Rick was literally trying to fit his entire cock into his mouth and seemed to want it in as far as he could manage. Gentle pressure on the back of his ass urged him to push in every so often. When he did he felt a bit of Ricks throat give way and his cock would move in just a fraction deeper. 

When this occurred Ricks excitement seemed to grow...his gag reflex seemed to ease off as his rhythm got more regular. When he had half of his cock sliding in and out of his mouth Rick grasped onto his thighs and pulled hard and several more inches slid deeper...when Rick started to gag he pushed him out again. But he kept at it until he started to feel that familiar tingle. "Babe...I'm going to cum you want me to pull out?" 

Ricks answer came with two hands gripping his thighs and pulling him in as deep as he could but instead of pulling out again he forced the cock in his mouth deeper still...ignoring his gag. Soon he was deeper still...and the tingle got more intense as he fought the urge to cum he was loving this but soon he just couldn't hold it and said "Babe...I'm going to cum...I won't be able to hold it back much want my cum?" he said jerkily. Again the answer from Rick was to pull his cock in as deep as he could and just pump his cock into his mouth as deep and fast as he could until pulling out was no longer an option. 

"Oh God, babe I'm Cuming, I'm cumming!!" With that Rick pulled him as deep as he could while James held his face...shoved in deep and exploded into Ricks throat...pumping cum deep. Rick closed his eyes and let the pulsating cock empty its contents into his throat savoring the triumph of having made James cum. He was amazingly turned on by the fact he had just swallowed James hot cum. It was then he realized that James had a grip on his neck and head and that his lips were touching his pubic bone. As he realized this James body jerked one last time and sent cum jetting into his throat. 

Pulling out James was speechless. Rick was also speechless mostly because he was still swallowing cum James had deposited. More champagne helped to rinse his throat of the stickiness. Staring hard at Rick, James was smiling and awe struck as he realized how lucky he was. He moved in and kissed Rick hard holding him close. They both sat down in the hot tub and worked on another bottle of champagne. The lights were turned down even lower so that they may as well have been off. Silently the two men sat drinking their champagne watching a ship sailing off in the distance to some far off land. Rick unconsciously started stroking James cock as the ship disappeared over the horizon. Just as it disappeared James whispered "Are you sure you want me to fuck you...tonight?" 

Rick looked up into his eyes and said "Yes... I want you to fill me with your often as you want to. Only I need you to be patient...I haven't had anything as large as you before...I have had some...but nothing real or as long or 'thick' as you.' Then in a sudden surge of passion 'But I know this, I want you. I want you to fuck me...tonight" and he kissed James. The first time he had initiated a kiss with a guy. James returned the kiss with equally forceful passion while putting Rick on his lap so that his now fully engorged cock protruded from between his legs. Without breaking the kiss Rick slid his cheeks so that he could feel the warmth of his shaft slipping between them as he pulled it up to his own cock. 

Breaking the heated kiss James whispered "I'm going to fuck you so good, I'll ruin you for women" and kissed him again. The extreme passion that passed between them was palpable as James once again broke their kiss and said "Follow me". Rick climbed out of the tub and followed him down the stairs and away from the house until they were on another platform surrounded by trees but still open to the view of the Ocean. On the platform was a King sized Canopy bed. "This is where I will fill you with cum...three times before you are allowed to cum yourself. Also...I will be the one to make you aren't allowed to do it yourself." 

All Rick could do was say "Please...Yessss...please" 

James took him into the hut next to the bed and found a bathroom. In the cupboard was a fully functional irrigator. "Did you cleanse like we discussed?' James asked? Rick answered in the affirmative. 'Ok, let's make doubly sure ok? I want to make this evening perfect for the both of us...ok?" 

20 minutes later it was done. To finish James had taken an applicator and squeezed nearly a cup of lube deep into Rick. "I want to make sure you enjoy every inch of me" he said as the stood inside the tiny room. Rick was shaking nervously as James stood to his back and held him close to his front with his hard, warm length pressing against his now prepared opening. They were looking out over the ocean though they could not see much more than the stars disappearing into the blackness that was the horizon. Kissing his neck and ears James whispered to Rick "'ve never had anyone as large as me?" he asked. 

Rick shook his head no then said "I've had toys...there...but nothing real...and...and...nothing as...long." 

Pulling him closer still so that his heart now beat against Ricks back "Are you sure you want this?" He asked knowing the answer would be 'yes', but he wanted to hear Rick say it. 

Rick was silent for a bit but his hand reached for James hard cock and balls said more than words could, but words did come "Yes...I've come too far to stop now. Besides, if I were to leave now...I'd wake up tomorrow...regretting not having done this. I know it...and I would...likely rush back that we could try again. As it is...' he squeezed the cock pressing against his opening 'I won't be leaving here until I feel your cum shooting inside me...again and again and again' He then added 'I don't want you pulling out of me until you are dehydrated from shooting cum into that clear?" 

Grabbing his wrist James led him to the bed where he had Rick lay down while he pulled the heavy, drapes around the bed to keep the evening breeze from making things too uncomfortable. James then crawled up to him and lay next to Rick. Placing his hand on Rick's stomach he curled an arm up under a pillow and smiled at him. 

"Ok, if it were up to me I'd jump you right here but I want you to enjoy it as much as I I will take my time, ok?" 

Rick nodded then rolled over to face him more directly pulling his hand to the small of his back. "You realize I won't change my mind about this right?' he asked 'We've come too far and I won't be happy unless you fuck me tonight...ok?' he smiled thoughtfully 'this isn't just about me you know, you're a part of this. What do you want? I know you want to cum inside me...but how do you want me? Do you want me on my stomach...doggy...or on my back so you can watch my face?" 

James smiled and slid his hand down to cup his butt cheek which he squeezed and slapped playfully. Kissing his neck James squeezed his ass hard then said "I would love to see your face the first time I enter you and fill you with my cock...then the next round...doggy...after that...we'll let our hearts decide...if I can manage it." He kissed Rick softly for a while slowly probing his ass with his fingers...stretching and probing...until he had three fingers buried to the knuckle. Rick had in no way resisted his intrusion but had willfully and aggressively accommodated his every effort. James had the impression that if he had shoved his entire arm up Rick's ass he would have loved it. 

Placing his hand on Ricks belly he stroked it whispering "Are you ready for me?" Rick, felt his heart jump into this throat, not in fear but in anticipation of what was about to happen. Unable to speak he nodded eagerly and taking James words to heart rolled onto his back as James crawled between his legs which he wrapped around James waist locking him there as if to say 'I'm not letting you go until we are done'. Rick watched as the 10" tool came into position and as James lifted his ass to meet his cock. Giving James a helping hand Rick took James cock and placed it at his entrance. Looking into his eyes James gripped his waist and pressed his head against his opening. "Ok...I'm going to slowly press myself into you until my head goes in and I'll stop...Ok?" 

Rick smiled at him nervously and nodded. Somewhere in their moving into position James had coated his cock in lubricant which was so incredibly slick his head didn't need much force to slide past the first ring. Something they both learned when Rick hooked his heels into James thighs and pulled him against him. He had intended to hold him there but the force was enough to pop James head into him. What Rick felt was nothing close to pain or anything remotely unpleasant. The warmth of James hardened flesh was amazing and nothing like the cold rubber toys he'd used in the past. His mouth opened in a moan as he looked down between his legs to see the long, hard, glistening shaft of James waiting to enter him. Looking up at James their eyes met and he wanted him...all of him and he whispered "Please...put it in me...please" And James slowly rocked his hips forward and two inches slipped inside him. Holding his cock still he looked to see Rick's reaction. It was clear that he was in total, ecstatic bliss as he moaned his approval while looking down between his legs...clearly wanting more of the same then said "More...more...God...more!" Smiling he slipped himself in deeper as three inches disappeared then six...eight...six...nine...four...and one last slow, steady thrust that buried his entire ten inch cock into Rick. He pressed his hard pubic bone against Ricks butt cheeks to make sure he gave as much of himself to him as possible.

James was amazed at how Rick could take his entire cock...their first time. What amazed him was how tight he was...all the way in. His entire shaft was being squeezed then he realized that Rick was actually pushing his cock out...only the opposite was happening...he slipped in just a little more...resulting in both of them moaning in bliss. 

James...gasped...and whispered "Fuck" and began kissing Ricks neck and shoulders as he allowed his cock to get acquainted with the silky smooth skin enveloping his cock. 

Rick was amazed at the feeling...but there were no words he could form to describe the blissful gratitude he was feeling. He wanted the cock to remain in his ass...forever. Grasping James shoulders...pulled himself up...crossed his legs behind James back...pressed himself hard onto his groin...and kissed James in gratitude. Whispering into his ear "Don't pull out of me, ever.' Kissing him again "your cock feels wonderful ...I wish we had done this so much sooner,' hugging James closer Rick forcing his cock deeper still. Whispering into his ear he said 'Fuck me." 

With that James, overcome with an undeniable passion, something akin to love or as close to it as he had ever felt put Rick onto the bed took a firm but loving hold of Ricks hips...and slowly began rotating his hips while pulling out so that most of his cock was exposed, paused and slowly, slowly buried himself to the hilt again. Rick loved the sensation arching his body backward in joyful bliss hoping to somehow get more of James cock into him. Having already come fairly recently James was confident he would last a bit longer. He did indeed last because he kept up the slow stroking for 15 minutes...possibly twenty, with intermittent kisses that seemed to prolong things...which both were more than willing to let happen. After a while Rick could feel James cock begin to twitch and swell as his orgasm approached...Ricks own orgasm was it had several times already...hence the intermittent cessation of their activity. Now...both of them were in need of release...James picked up his pace and began to increase his thrusts. In the cool night air if you were anywhere nearby you could hear their skin coming together and Rick losing himself in his own passion culminating in his crying "Ohhhh James....Fuck me...God...Fuck me...!!! Before his own orgasm filled the cool night air... 'Ahhh..fuck...Hmmmm." as his cock exploded onto his chest...shooting cum all over his face..and neck. 

James followed suit with "Rick...Rick...God...I've, never...felt like...This...God...God...Ahhhhhh...Ohhh...MMMMM...." As he drove his cock deep ad filled Rick with his cum.

Both men lay panting in the cool night air...connected at the hip until...James softened and his cock just slipped out. 

Rick reveled in the sensation of warm cum dripping from his ass. Had James been able...he would have taken him again in an instant. He had never felt so satisfied...ever. 

Rolling over onto his stomach Rick looked at James who had just taken up the space next to him. "I could get used to this sort of thing" he said smiling at James who smiled in response rolling over to him laying half on and half off letting his cock find a warm spot against Ricks thigh. Nudging closer to James "I'm serious...if you want to do this to me again...I'm all yours...if you want." 

James closed his eyes and smiled "yes...I want to...I want to...just give me a bit." They lay next to each other in the cool night air watching ships cruising on the ocean and planes flying overhead. An hour passed and another bottle of champagne was consumed before James was ready for more. Crawling on top of Rick he lubed his cock again and Rick got up on all fours...ready for more. It was Rick who was impatient...and grabbed his cock...placing it at his hole...insatiable...he wanted his cock...all of it...again...and again...and again. No words were necessary they had a connection...and I was all they needed. James fucked him slow at first then hard and fast. No easy going the second time around...their passions were running too high...and again he unloaded his cum into Rick who again came only this time he messed up the sheets. 

Rick didn't leave the house until near dawn, only because he needed to attend a family gathering. But he slept the night in the bed outside James house. James made it clear that he wanted to keep seeing him and they made arrangements to have lunch sometime in the next week. They worked out often. Only they decided to make their sessions late night that they could take advantage of the empty locker room and showers. More than once Rick blew James in the shower where James did eventually fuck Rick...many times. They did not move in together but they kept their relationship hot and loving until one day James disappeared. His club closed up and the house sold...James disappeared without a trace. 

Ellen his sister in law however did eventually move in with him. Rick, not quite being 'in love' did not have the heart break one might with such a sudden and unexplained break. His sister in law Ellen, however, helped things out considerably by developing a desire to 'peg', which she surprised him with one night a month before she left her husband. Her developing this want and desire...helped curb the loss Rick felt at James disappearance. No explanations ever came and the club and house fell into disrepair as there was no ere to his estate. 

One year after Ellen moved in and they were married an attorney found Rick out in his garage. In an envelope was James last will and testament. Folded in a note was a cashier's check for no less than twenty million pounds. Apparently he'd kept his wealth in a foreign bank. The note was brief and written rather hastily. 

Rick...I am so, so sorry to have to do this. My past has come to haunt me from out of the blue. I have left to go into hiding in France. I will not divulge the situation as I do not wish to involve you or get you in trouble. I fell for you, long before we got physical. As such, you are the only person I have as beneficiary and ere to my estate. This check is the first of many such payments my estate will make to you. These checks represent the interest on investments I've made. You will receive four of these per year for the rest of your life. I wanted to take care of you because you took such good care of me. I miss you so much and hope that this note never has to be sent. If you do get this I am passed on. I've instructed the attorney never to say why. You shouldn't know, sorry. 

Wishing you well


One year after marrying Ellen, Tanya his ex-wife, via an administrative divorce as Tanya had not filed for divorce. The guy she left him for dumped her weeks before Ricks wedding to her sister Ellen. She tried to sue both of them for half of the money he had, but the Judge had no sympathy for her and dismissed the whole claim due to the fact he had acquired the money 'after' she had left him who had filed for administrative divorce as she could not be found to be served with papers. She had abandoned him and their marriage for another erasing her marital rights. 

Every year, on the date of their first date...Rick would take a drive up to the old club now boarded up and empty. He found a pathway to the house and had a drink in remembrance of James. Ellen never knew and he never told her. 

He looked out over the ocean at a ship crossing the horizon and remembered James and their time together.

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