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Soccer Mania — Two soccer coaches find out about each other.

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Soccer Mania

We had just completed a very successful season on the pitch and our year end celebration was starting. We heard the usual speeches and had awar presentations as most sports organizations have every year.

After all the hoopla was over, I was sitting with my assistant coach, Leland and a few others when I noticed the room was getting quite empty. I hadn't noticed before but some of the players weren't there and I wasn't sure why. I decided to investigate as I excused myself. I leaned over to Leland and told him where I was going or better yet, what I was going to do. He nodded and said he would come with me.

We proceeded out of the hall and down a corridor until we came to a door that was locked. Leaning against it, I could hear voices and what sounded like grunts and moans. I looked at Leland and smiled. He was a little confused but I had a good idea what was going on in the room behind the locked door. I didn't say anything to Leland as we rummaged around trying to find a way inside that door. Just as we were about to give up, the door opened and a couple of players came out with funny looks on their faces. I had seen that look before and it just confirmed what I had thought was going on in the room now open to us.

I motioned for Leland to follow me and we entered to find a group of about 15 of our players, milling around. As we got closer, I could see one of the players on his hands and knees while another player was thrusting his hard cock deep inside his ass hole. At the same time, another player stood in front of him and was fucking his mouth with rapid and strong thrusts.

I looked at Leland and the look on his face was priceless. He was staring at the boy getting fucked and the look was one of pure lust. I touched him on the shoulder and whispered in his ear, asking him what he thought we should do about what was happening. What he did and said next surprised me.

Just to back track a bit, I have coached soccer for a few years and one of the reasons I do it is because I get to watch all the young men run around in their flimsy shorts with only a strap underneath them. I am not gay but bi-curious and have had some experience with man to man love and sex. So Leland's answer to my question both surprised and

satisfied me.

I followed him and we joined the group surrounding the player getting fucked. As we stood and watched, I felt a hand on the front of my pants, kneading my cock. I quickly looked down and found that the hand belonged to Leland and he was fondling me while he was watching the action going on. I was getting harder and harder and from the way he was fondling me, I got the impression that he wasn't new to all this. I reached down and slowly undid my pants and let them open right up to him. His hand found my hard cock almost instantly and he rubbed up and down my length without taking his eyes off the action in front of us. Another hand found my ass and my pants were pulled down over my hips as a finger ran up and down my crack. I let my pants slide down around my ankles and tried to open my legs a little to let both Leland and the hand have more access to me.

After a few minutes I kicked my pants off and moved away from the two of them but only to get into the open to give them more access. Leland followed me and while he did, he undid his pants and belt. To my surprise he wasn't wearing any underwear and his hard cock popped out of his pants. He kicked his pants off and moved right up to me, grabbing my cock and leaning against me, his mouth inches from mine. The other hand had never left my ass and was now exploring my crack more rapidly, pushing against my hole every time his finger ran across it in its journey up and down the length of my crack.

As I leaned forward to taste Leland's lips and tongue, I felt my cheeks being opened and a hot wet tongue started up my crack. I closed my eyes and while Leland rubbed my cock, I reached for his, exploring it with my hand as the wet tongue continued its journey. I heard a moan and opened my eyes. Leland had his closed and I could feel his tongue jamming itself into my mouth, exploring the inside it. I sucked his tongue into my mouth and spread my legs a little further. The wet tongue in my crack had me totally soaked as a finger replaced the tongue. It entered me slowly and then started to move back and forth, in and out, fucking me. I groaned into Leland's mouth and it seemed to spur him on as he moaned and moaned as we continued to rub each other's cock and suck on each other's tongue.

I had had been fucked in the ass before but never had I felt so wanting as I did right at that moment. I pulled away from Leland and as he opened his eyes, I saw a bit of disappointment in them as I moved over to a chair in the corner and leaned down over it, exposing my extremely wet ass hole. 

It didn't take long for someone to get the idea and I had a hard cock deep inside my ass in a flash. I didn't even look to see who it was fucking me, as I didn't care, I wanted that cock deep inside me so badly. After a few slow thrusts, they sped up and soon I could hear and feel balls slapping against the back of my thighs as whoever was inside me was fucking me hard and fast. I felt the cock twitch a little then a warm, wet explosion inside my canal as it came deep inside me to moans and groans from the both of us. The thrusts stopped and the softening cock slid slowly out of me. I could feel the hot come starting to run down my legs but it soon stopped as another hard cock plunged into me, plugging up my hole.

After the second cock had exploded inside me and slid out of me, I had a chance to look around. To my surprise, I saw Leland on his hands and knees not far from me with a hard cock deep inside his ass hole while he was sucking on another. I could hear his moans all the way over to where I was and I was amazed as the first cock finished fucking him and another took its place. I watched him for as long as I could before I found another cock buried itself inside me. When I looked over at Leland, he was being fucked by another player. A different one was fucking his mouth as he moaned and groaned around the hard cock. After the fifth cock had fucked me, I had to stop as my ass was getting sore.

I wasn't sure how many players had fucked Leland but he was still going at it, a different player fucking him as his mouth took care of another cock. Finally, he had to stop too as he was getting sore. 

We made our way together out of the room and dressed quickly. We spent the rest of the night with a team that was left in the hall and about midnight, called it a night.

A couple of days later, Leland called and said he had something he wanted me to see. I wasn't sure what it could be but he came over, he had a video in his hand. As he was putting it into the VCR, he mentioned that it was from the year end party. It started out with the presentations and such then turned into a out and out porn movie with Leland and me as the stars.

We watched as player after player took their turns fucking the two of us and after it was over, we had counted fifteen players had fucked to two of us in the ass or the mouth or both. The film even showed the come running out of our asses and down the back of our legs. When I looked over at Leland, he had that look on his face again and he reached over grabbing my hardening cock through my shorts.

I smiled at him and stood up, undoing my shorts as I did. I let them slide down to my ankles and like him, I wasn't wearing any underwear. He smiled and stood up too, undoing his pants as he did. We were soon both naked and we quickly 69'd before I turned him over and plunged into him, my balls stopping against his thighs. He groaned as I started to slowly thrust in and out of him. He pushed back against my thrusts and soon my balls were slapping against him as I fucked him as fast and as hard as I could. It didn't take long for me to come inside him. I could feel his canal around my head as I came inside him over and over again before slowly sliding out of him.

He quickly got up and pushed me over thrusting his hard long cock up into me with a quick thrust. Soon his balls were slapping against my thighs as he fucked me with a renewed vigor. When he came, it felt like he had been holding it back for a long time. He groaned and moaned as he emptied himself inside me before sliding out of my canal with his softening cock. He plopped down beside me and we just grinned at each other for the longest time without saying a word.

We still coach soccer, the both of us, and have had some interesting times at the after parties for several years. One thing for sure is that was always end up inside one another after each year end.

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