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Snowbound — Straight best buddies discover a deeper love.

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It started out as a great weekend. It was early November, deer season had just opened last week and Carl and Dave were really excited about the three days camping out in the woods, hunting whitetail. Lifelong friends, they'd taken these long weekends to go hunting since they were eighteen. Back then, "camping" really meant a tent and campfire, but now they had a cabin in the woods of Pierce County, with a fireplace, propane burner, table and chairs and several beds.

Now that they were married, had kids and wore neckties from nine-to-five on weekdays, these hunting trips were all too infrequent. They came to the woods in the summer with the wives and kids sharing the cabin for swimming, fishing and burning marshmallows on campfires outside, but the early winter hunting trips were a tradition for Dave and Carl alone. 

It was a clear brisk evening when they got to the cabin. There was plenty of wood laid in and they unloaded the car, adding to the canned stews and vegetables that they kept stored in the cabin. They hoped to be eating venison soon. Carl called his wife, Linda, on his cell phone and let her know that they had arrived OK. She, of course would call Dave's wife, Cathy.

Dave started a fire. There's something about watching wood burn that lets you know you're really away from civilization. It was soon time to light the kerosene lamp, heat some cans of stew on the burner and talk about the good times spent here in the wild. Both men turned in early, planning to get a deer at daybreak. 

They awoke to a beautiful scene in the morning. The entire landscape was white with newly fallen snow and large flakes were still coming down. The guys lit the burner, got down some instant coffee while getting dressed, took their rifles and headed into the woods. With the skill of a lifetime of hunting, they were soon dragging a whitetail deer back to the cabin. They dressed it and cut it up to cool in the shed and talked of getting another one before the weekend was up. 

That night they had venison for supper, and talked of the good times they had together growing up and while in college. Both of their wives would have been livid to learn of the personal things Dave and Carl shared about them. Both would tell the other the most detailed account of their sex lives so that each man was as familiar with the other's wife as his own. 

The next morning the cabin was unusually dark when the guys got up. Carl's cell phone was beeping at about the time that Dave noticed the windows were covered in snow. Linda said there was an early snowstorm, expected to drop three feet in the next day. About that time Dave opened the door and a four-foot drift fell over his legs. Not only was there going to be no hunting today, but Carl and Dave realized that they were stuck here for a while. Carl assured his wife that they would be fine, there was plenty of wood, a large deer in the shed and they would sit out the storm until someone could plow up to get them. He told her to call his boss, because they realized it might be a week or more before they could get out of the woods.

The men settled down to their routine, which was mostly cooking and keeping the fire going. They had cleared the snow away from the windows and door, and made paths to outside areas where they could relieve themselves. Both had planned on enduring the three days without bathing, but by the fourth day they were wondering how long they could endure being funky. Usually at the end of these weekend campouts, they took nice long baths as soon as they got home (at their wives insistence). 

At first there were the mutual "Ewwws" when they removed their boots at night, but both men noticed that they had gotten used to their bodily odors and although they could still smell each other in these close quarters, it wasn't as sharp anymore. 

Also, this one room cabin didn't offer any privacy for relieving sexual tensions, and there was now no way to get alone out in the woods, even if you could enjoy stroking it in freezing air. But, Dave and Carl had shared a room in college, so hearing your roommate's bed shaking in the dark with heavy breathing was nothing new to them. 

After the fourth day of trying to masturbate secretly in the small cabin, Carl mischievously broke the silence of the dark. "Dave, I'm bored with Linda. Is it OK if I think of Cathy while I beat off?"

"Sure Carl," Dave replied, "Just send Linda over to my head." 
Carl thought a while and said, "You know, Cathy gives better head than Linda."

"Yeah," said Dave, "but she doesn't rim my ass like Linda does."

A moment of silence later, Carl said, "You ever had someone lick your asshole for real?" 

"No, Cathy won't do it," Dave said, "but I did it to her once when I was eating her pussy. Got really turned on, stuck my nose in her pussy and ran my tongue around her butt hole. Tasted a little salty is all. She really got off on it."

"I never did it with Linda," Carl said, "and she really doesn't like sucking my dick that much, so you know she wouldn't tongue my asshole." 

"Well, you do know that you have to wash your dick and ass now and then." Dave laughed.

Both men remained silent in the dark, each consumed with their personal lusty visions, while rhythmically bringing themselves to orgasm, and trying to contain their breathing as much as possible while also being aware of the other's movements and heightened breathing. 

The next morning, while having hot coffee from the burner and stoking the fire anew, the guys started talking about their activities in the dark last night. 

Carl said, "You know I could hear you beating off last night in the dark."

Dave shot back " Are you sure it wasn't your echo?"

Carl said, "Remember in eighth grade, when we learned how to jack-off? We actually sat there in front of each other beating our meat and thought nothing of it"

"Yeah, we even had shoot-off contests," said Dave, " and I think I won at two-and-a-half feet."

"So, here we are," said Carl, "stuck in this one room cabin trying to sneak beat-off sessions in the dark that we both know we're doing, as if we hadn't done it in front of each other before."

Dave was thinking back to those days of first discovery, two 12-year-old boys feeling sensations in their groin for the first time. He was aware that this conversation had caused him to get mildly hard. Almost as a dare to Carl's comments, Dave unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. 

"What - you're going to beat it again after last night? Carl said.

"Why not," said Dave, "you got any better plans for today?"

Dave slowly stroked a finger on the underside of his glans, making his dick fill to its seven inches. Carl sat in front of him and watched, his own cock steadily growing. Realizing that Dave was not going to stop playing around, he soon pulled his cock out of his pants and both men slowly stroked themselves in front of the fire and each other. Instead of trying to play like they were secretly doing it, both men were now open about jacking off. However, the new secret was that they were both turned on by watching their best friend stroking his dick, and the tempo increased as both men shot streams of cum into the air. 

Toilet paper in hand, both guys were blotting the viscous fluid that kept leaking from their wilted dicks. 

"You sure didn't get close to two feet that time," Carl said, as he wiped cum from his boots and pants and threw the paper into the fire. 

Dave just grinned with his eyes closed, thoroughly blissed by the intense orgasm. 

As the days of relative boredom passed the guys talked, made the daily phone call to their wives to report on their condition, did their daily chores of making short trips into the snow to retrieve frozen deer meat, melt water, and attend to their bodily needs, both outside the cabin and in. They would tell each other of sexual exploits with their wives and with women their wives never knew about. Neither man had been sexually intimate with another person since marrying, but both were quite experienced with several women before that. 

As they told of their various successful moments of bringing women to screaming orgasm, their dicks would invariably stiffen in their denims, visible to the other as a gauge of how tantalizing his tale had been. One or the other would finally start rubbing the bulge in his pants as a signal that the story telling would soon take an intermission. Having gotten over their modesty, they would now sit, side-by-side facing the fire stroking themselves together. Today, however, was different.

The sexual tension was particularly high after Carl told of how he once got so turned on by Linda who got really aggressive with him at a drive-in before they were married. She rubbed her hands under his shirt and started playing with his nipples, while she rubbed his bulge through his pants. After she released his stiff dick from its confines, she stroked softly, smearing the pre-cum over his shaft. All this time his hands were under her bra, breast in hand with the other hand in the warm, soft, hairy confines between her legs. He said he had two fingers inside her and his thumb rubbing her clit, when she got so excited that she went down on his wet dick and started sucking. Carl said he couldn't help himself and shot off right in her mouth. She didn't like that very much and had been reluctant to suck him off since. 

"I guess having slimy cum in your mouth could be a turn off," Carl said, "Did you ever shoot off in Cathy's mouth?"

"No," said Dave, "She always made me promise to pull out before that happened. She got squirted in the face a lot, but that never seemed to bother her. She just didn't like the idea of having it in her mouth."

With the thought of cum spurting all over Cathy's face and two fingers sliding into Linda's warm wet snatch, both men released their straining dicks and started smearing the ample pre-cum over their heads and shafts. 

Just before the stroking got too intense, Carl said, "Dave, you ever feel another man's dick?"

Dave looked a little surprised, but surprisingly intrigued, said, "No, have you?"

"No, but I've sometimes wondered if it would feel much different than my own," said Carl, "you know, like we're all pretty much the same, but different shapes and dimensions."

"You want to feel mine?" Dave said.

Carl reached over to Dave's straining member and grasped it firmly, giving a little test squeeze. Dave, having free hands, likewise explored his friend's hard dick. Both men were surprised at how much more exciting it was having their dick held by someone else, even another man, and they were soon stroking each other with some passion. Carl, at one point, even took his other hand and fondled Dave's balls while stroking him and both men gasped as their bodies tensed with orgasm. 

When their sexual frenzy had ended and they both sat there, holding their friend's wilting dick, aware of another man's cum on their hand, they felt a bonding - some kind of blood closeness like brothers. 

This newfound closeness recurred over the next couple of days, and the guys would get a good blaze going so they could remove their pants and socks and open their flannel shirts for more intimacy. They got into playing with their buddy's dick and cradling his balls while stroking him. Each would sit there, eyes usually shut, rubbing his own chest and nipples under a T-shirt while the other's hand was on his dick. 

Dave was lost in one of those pleasant sensual moments when he noticed how warm and moist Carl's hand felt on his dick. He opened his eyes and noticed the back of Carl's head in his crotch. Dave put his hand on the back of Carl's head and ran his fingers through the oily hair as Carl sucked his dick. 

Carl seemed to really be getting into it, holding Dave's dick at the base with one hand and gently rubbing his balls with the other. It was every bit as good as when Cathy did it. Dave felt himself about to come, and warned Carl but he kept going, bobbing his head up and down the engorged shaft of Dave's dick until he erupted into Carl's mouth. 

When Dave recovered from his orgasm, he told Carl, "Sorry, man, I told you I was going to shoot off."

"That's OK," Carl said. "I actually wanted to know how bad it could be having someone cum in your mouth. Linda's a bitch for giving me such grief. It just slipped down my throat and didn't even taste bad."

"Well, glad you liked it," said Dave. "Feel free anytime."

"That's OK, Cathy can give you free blowjobs," said Carl. "Just wanted to know what it felt like. Pisses me off that I can't tell Linda that I know she's full of shit. It would be hard to explain."

Having explored this new level of intimacy, the guys started looking forward to those erotic moments of storytelling by the fireplace. In fact some of the stories moved away from their exploits with women, and got more into exploring their relationship. They talked about how much better it was having sex with another person than just whacking off alone. They even explored how they could play around with each other sexually, just for the physical pleasure of it and still not be faggots. It was like straight prisoners or sailors on long sailings with no one but guys around. It all seemed so natural for these two lifelong buddies who have shared so much.

Neither of them mentioned how they were starting to enjoy the other man's body. Carl could not admit openly how, after taking Dave into his mouth, the now-strong crotch odor was somehow exciting and that even the smegma that he smelled as his face approached Dave's engorged penis was also a turn-on, a sort of total sharing of an intimate part of his body.

It had been nearly two weeks when Carl's phone rang with the good news. Linda said that the Transportation Department had now cleared all the secondary roads and she informed them of the guys' location. They said they would be able to plow a path up that road by tomorrow. 

The guys laughed about how grungy they were after not bathing for two weeks and how their stubble had turned into real beards. There was some joking about them having to be disinfected and hosed down in the yard before being allowed in the house. But the guys were quite excited about being liberated from their snowbound cabin and their wives were anticipating their return in a couple of days.

After the call, Carl and Dave were more reflective about getting back to normal. Should they ever divulge to their wives what went on up here the past two weeks? They agreed that it would forever be another of their shared secrets.

That evening, after much talk about what they would be doing with their wives when they got home, the guys had their usual stiff bulges showing in their jeans. Carl stoked the fire up to warm the cabin and they removed their boots and pants and unbuttoned their shirts as usual. Sitting beside each other in front of the fire, they both took the other's hard member in hand as they had enjoyed doing these past few days. 

However, Carl expanded on this perfunctory touching and ran his hand up Dave's chest under his T-shirt. Carl grew even more excited by this new exploration of his buddy's body, feeling the coarse hair slide across his palm and his fingers touch the stiffened dot of Dave's nipple. Dave was a little surprised at this new intimacy but did not object. He too had thought of getting more physical in these nightly masturbation sessions. 

"Why don't we get undressed this time" Carl said. "It's warm enough in here."

Dave didn't say anything as Carl took off his flannel shirt then pulled his T-shirt over his head, releasing more armpit odor than had been wafting out before. Both men, now totally naked, faced each other, hard dicks pointing out, waiting to be touched.

Carl put his hand on Dave's chest, continuing his exploration, and teasing the hardened small nipples between thumbs and forefingers just as Linda so liked him to do. Dave stroked Carl's bare shoulders, then ran his hands down his sides to where they were resting on his hips. 

It happened so fast that neither man realized that they were the ones doing it when their chests and abdomens came together, dicks pushed between them as they held each other close. Both were aware of the feel of the other man's naked body now pressed to his own, to the feel of their close friends hard cock pushing against his belly. Carl had his arms around Dave's neck and Dave had both his hands on Carl's butt, fingers stroking inside the cleavage. Neither man wanted to think about the implications of this newly unfolding intimacy. Both knew that it felt exciting and compelling as they shared the warmth of their bodies in the cool air of the cabin. 

Intuitively they both moved to the nearest bunk, and still embracing, crawled under a comforter and lay on their sides close to each other. They each had a hand in the other's crotch, fondling balls and hard dripping cocks, while their other hand caressed chests and arms. 

The air under the comforter warmed with the excitement of the two men and it was a thick mixture of sharp foot odor, sweet yeasty crotch smells, intermixed with the chicken soup odor of their armpits. The smells were blended so each man knew them as his own, and yet shared, much like the dick he was holding in his hand. 

The cramped single bunk was barely big enough for the two men to lie side-by-side. Carl shifted onto his back and pulled at Dave to lie on top of him. The feel of Carl's body under him was both familiar and strange to Dave. It felt like the many times he had Cathy in this position except for the flat chest with coarse hair, the hairy legs rubbing against his own and the hard dick that was lying beside his between their two abdomens. Still, it felt good. It felt exciting rubbing naked skin with another person and to hold him close as he slid back and forth, smearing pre-cum on their abs. 

Carl had his arms on Dave's shoulders. Linda would often lay on top of him when they were having sex, so the feel of someone's weight on him was not unknown. Dave, however, was quite a bit heavier than Linda, and his chest was not so soft. But it felt good to hold another person and Carl wrapped his arms around Dave's back and held him close. 

Dave started thrusting, rubbing his slippery dick between their abdomens. Carl would meet the thrusts with his own upward push with his hips, the underside of his dick pressing against Dave. Both men's excitement grew, as the thrusting tempo increased and they found themselves sweating under the comforter. Dave threw it aside, and the cool air of the cabin was refreshing as they pushed with great intensity, their cocks almost hurting with intense pleasure. Carl surprised Dave when he pressed his mouth against his and Dave was so impassioned that he opened and let Carl's tongue dart inside. Both men were consumed by the moment and knew they were expressing love along with the sex as the thrusting and deep kissing continued. Soon the pushing became a frenzy of short thrusts as both men filled the space between their abs with cum and they collapsed sweating and breathless. 

The cool air, which went unnoticed when they were in the heat of passion, was now getting uncomfortable on their still damp skin. Carl grabbed one of their socks off the floor nearby and wiped the cum off their abs as Dave pulled the comforter back over them. Warm and blissed out, both men soon fell asleep, embraced in each other's arms. 

Carl and Dave awoke to the sound of a snowplow coming up the drive. They quickly got dressed, (Carl got one very stiff, smelly sock), and went out to meet the road crew. They loaded the car, closed up the cabin and headed back to their normal lives with their wives. Each vowed to never disclose their little secret activity of the past two weeks. However, each of them knew they would never forget how close they had become, and they both suspected that they would again enjoy the feel of their best buddy.

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