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Raunchy Cowboy — Shawn falls hard for chiseled prairieman.

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Raunchy Cowboy

Hi there, one more story for you. This is a story about an affair with a cowboy. I think it is everyone's fantasy to have sex with a cowboy. Let me tell you one more thing. I have written about something called 'gay tests' in this story. I conjured it up right when I was writing. I have no way of knowing if these tests work or not. They are just a figment of my mind. So take them with a grain of salt. By the way, you can let me know if some such tests do really do exist. I would be grateful to know. Read on...

* * * * *

Shawn was very excited. At last he was getting to visit Uncle Jacob's ranch in Texas. He had always had this dream as a kid to spend his holidays at a proper ranch. Ever since he was a small kid. Uncle Jacob used to regale him with stories of cowboys, which he eagerly lapped up. But then some problems had cropped up between his uncle and his parents with the result that the former had been sort of ostracized from the family. Only a few weeks ago had the problems been reconciled and as an olive branch, Uncle Jacob had invited all of them to his ranch at Texas.

As both of his parents were working, they couldn't make it but they promised to send Shawn along. Shawn was now in between courses and so he had asked his parents if he could go visit uncle Jacob and they had readily agreed. The ticket had been booked and he was leaving tomorrow for Wyoming. He was so excited. At the age of twenty-two he was finally going to experience something, which he had only dreamed of since the age of seven. Little did he know that he was going to experience something, which he wouldn't have expected in his wildest dreams…

It had already been decided that Uncle Jacob would send someone to receive him at the airport. So after he deplaned and picked up his stuff, he looked around the airport for the signs of someone waiting for him. The airport was very crowded. Shawn hoped that the person who had been sent to receive him did not overlook him in the hustle and bustle.

"Hey, are you Shawn McNoughty?" a husky voice broke into his reverie. Shawn turned around to face the most masculine man he had ever set his eyes on. From the top of his head to the tips of his boots, this man looked every inch a cowboy and he sure was dressed like one. A typical plaid shirt covered his broad shoulders and tight crotch hugging jeans led the way to handtooled cowboy boots. Hmm-mm thought Shawn, these holidays were going to be very interesting. Shawn had had sex with lots of guys before, but they had been mainly from his college and no one, repeat no one had ever been even remotely so studly. Oh, just the thick mustache on this guy's face was to die for. Now he had to just check out if this guy was gay. Normally Shawn could just make out from the person's body movements but this time he was not sure. Okay, he was in no hurry. He would make of what he called his 'gay tests' a series of tests he had devised to test if the opposite person was gay. He was right about ninety per cent of the time.

But first things first. "Yeah, were you sent by Uncle Jacob?"

"Yeah, he sent me all right. Is that all your baggage?" he indicated the bags at Shawn's feet. "Yeah that's all. Did you have to wait long for the plane?"

"Nah, just arrived." The guy was reticent all right. He was going to be a challenge. But Shawn loved challenges. He could do the 'belly test' right now. Shawn casually put his hands to his T-shirt at the waist and raised it, pretending to stretch his limbs. "Am I glad the flight is over, the seats were pretty cramped. You know what I mean?" he said rhetorically. Score one for him, Shawn thought. The guy's eyes had followed the movement of his hands and had lingered at his waist for a second longer that necessary.

"Shall we make a move?" the guy asked picking up the heaviest bags with no noticeable strain. Shawn was impressed. "Okay," he said picking up the rest of the bags. They started walking along side by side. Now, Shawn thought was time for the 'ass test'. He casually started walking a bit faster, maneuvering in between the crowds. When they emerged from the airport, Shawn was a good five steps in front of the cowboy. He suddenly looked behind at him. Score two. The cowboy was checking out his ass. Shawn was pretty sure even though the cowboy looked up the instant Shawn looked behind. "Uh, we haven't even been introduced. Hi I'm Shawn, although you know that already."

"howdy, I'm Rick. Nice to see ya." Rick's lips parted in a quick smile, which sent Shawn's heart rate up. Oh my god, Shawn thought, this man was deadly. He would have to be careful not to lose his heart in the bargain.

Rick lead the way to a dusty open jeep and dumped the bags in the back seat. "Strap up boy, we have a long ride ahead of us." He climbed into the jeep and Shawn followed. Rick started the jeep and drove on. Shawn wondered what to talk about. Rick sure gave no intention that he was disturbed by the silence. Oh well, there was always tomorrow to get acquainted. No hurry here. He might as well try the 'crotch test', the last in the series. Hmm what could he do? Oh yes, there was this can of water placed on the floor between Rick's feet. Shawn made a move to take it. At the same instant the jeep bounced on some loose stones and conveniently Shawn took to opportunity to brush against Rick's joint with his hand. A light cop-out was all that was generally necessary. "Oh sorry, I just wanted the water bottle. I am so thirsty. He unscrewed the bottle and put it to his lips. He could just see Rick from the corner of his eyes. Rick moved around just a little bit in his seat. The movement was so surreptitious that normally one wouldn't even notice it. But to Shawn's experienced eye, the meaning was crystal clear. The man was trying to find a more comfortable position. And ninety nine times out of hundred, after the 'crotch test', that meant only one thing, the guy had a slight hard-on that he wanted to hide or suppress. Though Rick's jeans were pretty tight, Shawn could still see the slight bulge. Oh boy, this was great. Shawn was almost convinced that the guy was gay. Okay, now he could relax.

They reached the ranch in about an hour's time. The ranch was nothing like what Shawn had expected. It was pretty ordinary though huge. He had expected cowboys to be milling about everywhere and horse and stuff. But the ranch appeared to be deserted. He voiced his questions to Rick. "Well," Rick explained patiently, "This is a working ranch, not one of those things that are resorts and training places for tourists. Normally, all the cowboys leave at dawn. They come back for lunch at about one and then again go about their chores. Then they return only at dusk."

"Did you take a half day or something to pick me up?"

"No, actually I have some problem with my knee. I seem to have injured it. I was on complete bed rest for about a couple of weeks. Just a couple of days ago, I started doing some light work. I told your uncle that I would pick you up from the airport. He readily agreed as he couldn't spare anyone else.: Rick looked at his watch. "He should be here any moment now." His last words were punctuated by the sound of horsed hooves pounding on the dirt. Shawn turned to see a group of ten-fifteen men riding on horsed, approaching the ranch. As the group came nearer, Shawn was able to recognise his uncle. His uncle looked more or less the same. The years had been kind to him. Of course, his age was apparent in the crow's feet around his eyes and weathered skin. But on the whole, his uncle had still managed to retain his strength and charisma. His uncle halted his horse a few feet away from his and unmounted. "And how is my favourite nephew?" he asked in his booming voice that Shawn so clearly remembered?"

"Fine uncle. Thanks for inviting me over."

"Oh think nothing of it kid. If Martha and George had not fought with me, I would have had you over sooner. But that's water under the bridge. Now that you are here, you can see what a working ranch is rally like. I still remember, you used to get very worked up at my cowboy stories. Rick here will help you out most of the time. He is still not fit for the tough jobs. The doctor has asked him to go light for the next couple of weeks. So he'll be around for the entire time you are hear. I'll be with you at dawn and after dusk. Is that okay with you?"

"Sure, that'd be great."

"Okay, go and wash up. Dinner is served at seven-thirty sharp."

After dinner, Shawn went up to the room assigned to him as he was tired. He would start his campaign on Rick tomorrow…

In the morning, after breakfast, as the other cowboys turned to leave, Shawn casually asked Rick, "Where will you be today, in case I need you, you know?"

"I'll be fitting shoes to some of the horses till noon." He gave Shawn some directions. "You can catch me there for most of the day."

For the first half of the day, Shawn was busy putting away his clothes and arranging his stuff around the room. He then e-mailed all his friends and then talked to his parents over the phone. Lunch was an uneventful affair. At about two, when Shawn was done with his work, he decided to go visit Rick, he made his way to the barn, which he had been given directions to. The sight that greeted his eyes made his gasp. Rick had his shirt off due to the intense heat and he had the most powerful body that Shawn had ever seen. The hot sun and the heat from the fire, which was used to do the horseshoes, had coated his rippling muscles with a fine film of sweat. Shawn wanted to lick the sweat off Rick's body drop by drop. He could almost feel the salty taste of Rick's sweat at the tip of his tongue. He approached Rick.

"Hi there, pretty hot isn't it." Rick murmured his consent.

"Mind if I watch you? I have never seen a shoe being out on a horse before."


Rick lead one of the horses close to the barn. He lifted one of the shoes, which had been heated on the fire with a pair of tongs. He lifted one of the hind feet of the horse and positioned the show in place. He then hammered it in using nails. Every step of the procedure caused his magnificent muscles to ripple and Shawn was so aroused at the sight, he could almost not contain it. He got up from the place where he was sitting and came closer to Rick. "Mind if I try it. If it is not too difficult?"

"Yeah, why not." Rick showed Shawn exactly how and between the two of them, they got the other remaining two horses shod. By now, Shawn was sweating profusely as he had never done such stuff before.

"I really need a shower. I feel so sticky."

"Yeah, move on to the house. I need to clean up here."

"Aren't you coming too? I mean, you too will shower, won't you?"

"Yeah, but we have a shower installed at our bunks. I'll wash up there."

"Oh great, then I'll shower out there too. I want to all the stuff that you do." No way in hell was he going to loose such an opportunity. Rick started to protest. "No, I don't think so. You go on to the house. You will want to change your clothes and all."

"I can always do that later. You do have an extra towel don't you?"

when Rick saw that his mind was made up, he relented. No use riling the boss's nephew. "This way." He led Shawn to the showers. They consisted of a few stalls out in the open a short distance away from what was probably the bunks. Rick went into a bunk and got out a couple of towels. He handed over a towel to Shawn. Shawn started stripping out of his clothes. When he saw that Rick was watching mutely, he explained, "I just don't want to get my clothes wet. Why don't you undress too. I don't think you would want to get your shoes and other stuff wet. " Rick looked down and saw that he was still dressed. He too started stripping an when he was in his jocks, he wrapped the owl around his middle. Shawn sure got to see an eyeful.

Rick moved to one of the showers and Shawn chose the shower next to Rick's. he waited till he could hear the steady sound of the spray and then he made his move. As he had expected, there were no locks on the the shower stalls. There was no need really. The cowboys wouldn't want to spend much time showering. A shower probably meant a couple of minutes under the spray. Rick had stripped off completely and was buck-naked. The water was hitting him in the chest and was sluicing down his body. He was surprised to say the least but made no move to cover himself. The man had a lot of nerve, Shawn had to admit.

"What are you doing here, you runt?" Rick placed his hands on Shawn's shoulders.

"Uh, I just thought I'd join you. No sense in wasting water." Shawn tried to enter but Rick restrained him.

"Are you loco?"

"Not really, just horny."

"My God, you are one crazy boy. Do you know what you are saying?"

"Yes, I do. And if I am not wrong, I think you have the hots for me too."

"And if I had the hots for you, though I am not saying that I do have, what makes you think that I am going to fool around with the boss's nephew and his favourite one at that."

"For your information, I am the boss's only nephew and we are meeting after ages. Look at me, I'm twenty-two. I am a grown man now. I can make my own decisions."

Rick thought it over for a moment and apparently came to a decision. He pulled Shawn into the stall. "So help me God, I have wanted to screw you ever since I laid my hands on you. The only thing that prevented me was that I thought you were too young for me."

"Of course not, I'm just right as you shall see." And Shawn proceeded to show Rick just how right he was. He gently pushed Rick against the wall and placed his hands on either side of Rick's body. He put his mouth to Rick's chest and started licking the water droplets off his chest. Rick purred in joy. He took each of Rick's masculine nipples into his mouth and gently sucked on them. The nipples at once turned hard. He moved down to his belly and lapped up the water pooling into his belly button. He moved further south and came to the dense hair surrounding Rick's cock. He shoved his nose into the coarse wet hair and breathed in deeply, taking in the masculine smells. Rick was by now hard as steel. Shawn took Rick's cock into mouth and started giving him a blowjob. Simultaneously, he also grasped Rick's balls and started massaging them gently. Rick spread his legs to give Shawn better access. Shawn moved in and now took Rick's balls into his mouth. They were huge. He alternated between Rick's balls and cock, sucking on each one in turn. After a while, Rick shot huge wads of cum onto Shawn's face. He then turned his back to Shawn and spread his legs wide. Shawn knew what he wanted. He spread his ass-cheeks apart and put his tongue to his asshole. He started rimming his asshole, thrusting his tongue in as deeply in as he could. Rick pushed back toward Shawn, forcing him to shove his tongue in deeper and deeper. Shawn moved his tongue around the hole in narrow circles, faster and faster. When Rick could stand it no more, he turned around and lifted Shawn into his arms. He shoved him against the stall and entered him in one stroke. As Shawn had never had such a huge cock shoved into him before, he felt a moment of discomfort, but it melted away in a second. Rick held him against the stall and thrust into him repeatedly like a bull in heat. Shawn was enjoying every moment of it. At last, Rick emptied his second load into Shawn. Shawn could feel the excess fluid dripping out of him. He slowly slid to the ground to Rick's feet. He again took Rick's cock into his mouth and sucked it dry. After they were through, they dried each other out and slipped into their clothes.

"Well, that was one hell of a screw. Thanks Rick."

"It was my pleasure. Any time you are in the mood, feel free to come to me. I shall be glad to service you."

For Shawn, it turned out to be the best vacation of his life...

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