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Plumber Does Some Plumbing

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Plumber Does Some Plumbing...

Paul cursed as he turned the tap for the umpteenth time in vain. Nope. No use. The water just wouldn't stop. Already the washtub was full and there was water all over the floor Did this have to happen just today when nothing was working as it is. The worst part was, there was nobody to help him out. His parents were out to visit somebody and his sister had gone on an excursion with her friends. So he was all-alone in the house to face this problem.

Well, nothing would be resolved by standing here. He would have to call a plumber ASAP. He lifted the Yellow Pages and saw the listing under 'Plumbers'. There were sure enough of them. Now he had to search for one that lived nearby and could come as soon as possible. Well… yeah, this one looked good enough. Daniel's Plumbing Services. They promised to make it to any place within the area in less than 15 minutes. That was just what he needed. He lifted the phone and dialed the number. A raspy voice answered, "Daniel's. What can I do for you?"

"Uh, there seems to be some problem with one of the pipes at my house. There's water all over the place. I need someone here pronto. Can you send somebody out here?"

"Yeah, sure. Just give me the address." Paul rattled off the address.

"Well, our man will be there in 10 minutes."


Exactly nine minutes later, there was a ring on the doorbell. "Finally," thought Paul. He rushed to open the door. What greeted him at the door left him gasping for breath. The plumber was so tall and broad that he almost didn't fit into the doorway. Dressed in coveralls and holding a pipe wrench, he looked so sexy that Paul swallowed nervously. That was because Paul had admitted to himself long ago that he gay and that was not going to change. But in all his nineteen years he had never had an encounter with any guy. He was too timid to approach any guy. So he had dated a couple of girls casually to make up an image and that was about it. He had never come into contact with such a fine specimen before.

A voice cut into his reverie. "Are you the chap who needs the plumbing done?" What a way to word the question?

"Yeah, please do come in." Paul led him to his bathroom. "This is the damned tap. It just won't stop leaking." The plumber examined it cursorily and said, "There seems to be some problem with the washer. We will have to shut off the mains. Just run along and shut it for me, will you."

"Uh, I don't know where the mains are."

"What, you mean you don't know where to shut off the water?" The plumber looked incredulous.

"Hey, there are always a couple of servants around to do that sort of work. Today, they too are on leave." The plumber did not have to look that astounded. There were many teenagers around like him, he was sure , who did not know where the mains were.

"And judging by the size of your estate, it could be anywhere couldn't it."

Well, Paul thought, the mansion and grounds were pretty large and he had no idea even the general direction where the mains could be. He couldn't leave it like that. He had to say something intelligent.

"Well, it ought to be somewhere around the house, doesn't it. You know, just for these kind of emergencies?"

"Yes, it could be," the plumber explained patiently. "But I have seen that in such large houses, the mains could be anywhere from the basement to some far-off outhouse. You know, just to prevent something so utilitarian from spoiling the view."

"Uh, we do have an outhouse but that's quite a distance away."

"Never mind, since we are going to have to work together, let me introduce myself. I'm Jake."

"Hi, I'm Paul. What work do we have to do together?" He was game to try anything with this hunk.

"Changing the washer is just gonna take us a couple of minutes. But somebody will have to stem the flow of water form the pipe when the washer is being replaced. You are going to have to do that."

"Ok, let's do it."

"Just a minute. You'd better strip down. You are going to get fully wet. I'll have to strip too."

What? Could he have heard right? Strip in front of this guy? But when he thought about it, it made sense. No point in getting all the clothes wet. Before Paul could react, Jake had started undoing his overalls. He unabashedly pulled of the overalls and the T-shirt beneath and stood just in his jock-straps. His cock was outlined in the cotton of his jocks and judging by the outline, it was a massive one. Paul swallowed deeply. Oh boy. This was going to be one tough job. He too stripped down to his shorts. Paul was proud of his body. Regular visits to the gym had toned his body.

"Now listen carefully, I am gonna unscrew the tap. Take this cloth here and the moment I pull of the tap, press this cloth into the opening with all your might. You read me?"

"Yeah, sure."

As Jake unscrewed the tap, Paul stood behind him admiring his butt. He sure had a good one; Paul mused, nice and strong. He wanted to taste it but no point in getting bashed up.

"I'm done, come forward. Saying so, Jake moved away giving Paul no time to react. The water hit Paul full in the tummy and he was drenched in no time.

"Hey man, were you day-dreaming. I told you to move quickly."

"Gosh, I'm so sorry. What can we do now?" He was destined to make a fool of himself in front of this guy. It was karma.

"Well, don't just stand there. Help me out." Jake moved into the spray and forcibly stuffed the cloth into the opening. At once the flow abated.

"Now come forward and hold tight."

Between them, they got the washer replaced though the both of them got all the more wet in the process. When the job was finally done, Paul realised that Jake's briefs had become semi-transparent due to the thinness of the cotton. He could faintly see the dark curls surrounding Jake's member. The organ itself was clearly silhouetted and Paul felt blood rush to his loins. As he too was under dressed, he couldn't conceal the bulge in his shorts from Jake. Jake looked down and smiled.

"Oh, what do we have here?" He lightly cupped Paul's balls through the wet fabric and gave it a squeeze. Paul was nonplussed. With one deft move, Jake pulled Paul's shorts down and his cock now free sprang to life. In the next second, Jake too had his undies off and stood in his naked glory.

"What are you looking at boy? Come to papa." He placed one foot on the edge of the tub and held out his hand. Paul sat on the edge of the tub and leaned forward to take Jake's cock into his mouth. It almost didn't fit into his mouth, so large was it. It was velvet and iron at the same time and Paul was eager to suck on it. He grasped Jake's huge balls and started squeezing them and at the same time sucking on his cock. Jake evidently liked it as he threw his back and started purring like a lion. As Paul had never done this before, it gave him confidence. He ran his tongue along the hard ridge, giving small love-bites along the way.

He then lifted the rod and focused his attention on the balls now, taking each one onto his mouth and massaging the cock at the same time. Jake moved his foot farther to give Paul better access. Paul spread Jake's legs as far apart as he could and tried to reach the skin between the balls and the asshole. The skin there was so soft and warm that he almost came himself then and there. He repeatedly licked on the skin and tan his hands down Jake's thighs. He was all the more aroused by the friction of his palms with the coarse hair on Jake's thighs. Jake grasped Paul's hair and pulled him back to his dick.

"That was a bit too much. I don't want to come too soon. Do my dick again."

Obediently Paul lavished his attention on Jake's cock, lubricating it with his saliva and sucking on it with all his might. After a few seconds, just when he thought his mouth would come off, Jake's balls started contracting. Jake at once pulled Paul's away and held him a little away. At Paul's questioning look, he grinned, "I want to come on your face." This was punctuated by large spurts of thick cum which Paul obligingly smeared on his face. Well, it did have a musky smell. Paul decided to taste as h e didn't know when he would get the chance again. It didn't taste all that bad. Hmmm he could get used to this sort of thing.

Jake then made him suck his cock clean. The last thing Paul expected was that Jake would be ready for some more sex immediately. But he was. Jake lifted a towel from the rack and dried himself. He threw the towel at Paul. Get yourself dry and come to the bed. I'm not through with you yet.

What? He was not through with him yet. Where the hell was he going to come up with the stamina to do Jake a second time? Paul shook his head as he dried himself. Well. He sure was going to try. When he emerged from the bathroom, he would Jake sprawled on the bed with his arms tucked behind his head.

"Come on boy, I've got other things on my mind. I haven't got all day." Paul made himself comfortable between Jake's legs and started all over again. When he was halfway through, Jake sat up. "Now I want you to do my rear. Lie down on your back." When Paul was suitably positioned, Jake moved over and sat on his face. Paul could do nothing but to start tonguing Jake's asshole. He got more adventurous by the second and he started licking with great gusto. Now Jake started bouncing up and down in tune with Paul's thrusts with the result that Paul's tongue went in deeper and deeper.

After some time, Jake got up and turned around. "I am gonna screw you now. Turn around and go down." Jake spit on his hand and lubricated Paul's hole. His own cock was still lubricated with Paul's spit. For all his strength, he entered Paul gently almost as if didn't want to hurt Paul. When he was fully in, he grasped Paul by the shoulders and said, "Are you okay?" Paul had by now gotten used to the strange fullness of Jake's cock inside of him and he said, "Yeah, go ahead."

Jake started humping Paul, slowly at first and then with force till he was ramming into Paul with the force of a bull. Paul was enjoying all of it. He raised one hand to his cock and started jacking off, wanting to cum too. They both climaxed almost at the same time, with jack's juices running out of Paul's crack. Paul turned around and started sucking Jake dry not wanting to let a single drop go waste.

When it was all over, Paul looked up to see Jake grinning wildly. "you are one good screw." Paul blushed. "Yeah, thanks." He suddenly remembered what Jake had come for. He reached for his wallet on the nightstand.

"How much do I owe you for the plumbing?"

"No charge, feel free to call up at any time. Just specify that you are calling. I want to come over personally." Jake left soon afterwards.

That night at the dinner table, Paul wondered where he had seen a wrench in the house. He was sure he could get the washer off by himself if he really tried...

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