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Mislaid in the Woods — Two drunk buddies, one part-wolf, get lost leaving a bar

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Mislaid in the Woods

Ohhhh god, I am so fucking horny, Javier thought to himself as he leaned on his friend... holy fuck I'm drunk, he realized at about the same time he noticed that he both couldn't really remember Mitch (THAT'S HIS NAME! he recalled triumphantly)'s name, and his cock was absolutely harder than iron. It had been a long, delightfully inebriated night out at the bar, filled with carousing around the karaoke machine dead center at the far end of the Little Liquor Hideaway, the only bar worth going to in such a teensy little town, drunkenly singing about how they would allllways loooove each other, take a shot, sock the waiter in the mouth, another shot or two, hit on (and subsequently be rejected by) the hot bartender who looked like James Bond, more jello shots (!!hooray) and then the bar closed and here they were trying to get back to Mitch's car which was absolutely fuckin' nowhere! 

"...wait a sec," Mitch mumbled distractedly, trying not to list to one side and only somewhat succeeding as he thought out lous, "this is th' woods going offa SR-38." Giving up the fight to stay upright, Javi's best friend leaned back until he was resting on the rough, woodsy-scented bark of a pine tree kind enough to help him out. "W-we should, we shhhould, um..." he trailed off, sliding his big, furry self down the treeface, tongue poking out of his wolfy muzzle adorably while he fought for coherence. And his missing train of thought, too. 

Javi weaved his way back from the state road, keeping himself upright mostly by sheer will and some spare luck. "Isn't the wayyy back pas-past the, the Liquor Cabinet?" he asked slowly, keeping the slur more or less out of his words... and the vomit out of his mouth. Sidling over to his wolfy friend's pine tree, he cautiously fumbled his way down yet still managed to thump his tailbone painfully against the poorly hidden yet somehow still invisible tree root. "You know, the... place. Karaoke bar! That's it." 

Mitch slid his arm around his best bud's back and pulled him closer, so they were sitting side-to-side. "Yeah! Your cov-" hic "-ver of Streisand wasssspot on, man." He rubbed Javi's shoulder encouragingly, pushing his own t-shirt sleeve up a little in the process. To him, Mitch's fur smelled wonderful, and any reason to bury his nose in its warm, bluish-gray fluffiness was a good reason... even if that reason happened to be lost and drunk in the middle of nowhere. 

Still overwhelmingly aroused, but unable to think up a good excuse to "accidentally" slip and fall onto his best friend's goody bits, he simply sighed and squirmed a bit closer, foliage rustling around them in the chilly-edging-into-freezing autumn wind, faintly lit by the street light on the edge of the road. "'m cold," he mumbled drowsily, turning to rest his face against the wolf's chest, "'n you're so warm." 

The big wolf grinned, blinked and cuddled the young man against his side. Poor human, he didn't have enough fur to keep himself warm. The both of them yawned just about simultaneously, and Javi found his eyelids drooping lower and lower, nt even noticing th cold much that it matterd and coudnt qiute rmenf tgh ehdl l... 


...Javi slowly faded back into consciousness, an inexplicable heavy weight on his head and a slight case of Undead Mouth. Shifting on his wonderfully soft, warm pillow and wishing he could brush the taste of hangover off his tongue (and maybe brain while he was at it, ow), and close the bedroom's blinds to keep the godforsaken sunrise out of his... wait a second, he thought dopily but with increasing curiosity, I don't remember going home last night...? He pawed his hand up from his crotch, where he'd been keeping it warm between his legs, and began feeling the area around his head. Fluffy like a carpet, and just the slightest bit squishy, squeezing it with his fingers, whatever it was, since he didn't own any pillows like that, so... what am I...?He finally opened his eyes, admittedly something he should have thought of earlier, and found himself staring right up the leg of Mitch's shorts. 

Ohhh SHIIIIIIT, the slightly damp from dew man screamed internally upon sighting what his lupine pillow had been hiding underneath his shorts: two sizeable darkly-furred orbs in a silky-looking scrotum, which looks entirely lickable, oh my god, and above them a partially erect, bloodred dog cock caught emerging from its sheath. 

Javi blinked, licking his lips almost subconsciously as he looked up at Mitch slumped against the same tree they'd settled under earlier, hopefully still unconscious; he ran through some quick mental arithmetic figuring his chances of Mitch coming to awareness and killing him for trying to grope his dick in his sleep... or possibly getting into it and, say, something outlandish like fucking his face. Or hellgoing on how much he had to drink earlier, which if he remembered properly was "enough to drink an irate Irishman under the table," I could do more than just touch it and he'd be asleep for the WHOLE THING! With this half-assed but fully-aroused plan in mind, he crept his hand slowly, slowly, painfully slowly up the furry thigh he rested on, shifting himself on the carpet of crunchy, rosy-tinted fallen leaves trying to get his cock some blessed relief without touching it, the hand not busy sneaking itself under the hem of his unconscious friend's shorts being caught uncomfortably under his own side. A little further, he cajoled himself, desperate for at LEAST a touch, alllllmost there... 

YES! With a triumphant but silent cry, Javi's fingertips reached the conked-out wolf's heavy sac, and began rubbing them as best he could, reveling in the smooth, warm sensation of shifting and feeling Mitch's (surprisingly humanoid) balls in his hand. Ohh, if only he could give them a lick—they looked so tempting. 

...wait a second. An idea jumped into his head, not particularly bright but dammit it would be so much better than just a quick fondle! With that, he sluggishly swam up from the crunchy, leaf-strewn wood's floor, brushing the leaves off his side and shaking his previously trapped arm a bit to get the blood flowing through it once again. Flicking his eyes toward his friend to double-check that he continued to be out of it, he crept forward, inch by inch. Before he knew it, he was straddling Mitch's thighs and fumbling for his zipper, trying to slide out the big bad wolf's bigger, badder wood. 

With a little thrill in his chest, Javi snagged the elusive zipper and slid it down, pushing the bottom of the wolf's T-shirt out of his way and reaching breathlessly into the confines of those damn shorts. Come on... wh—AHA! He grabbed hold of the hot piece of meat and fished it out of his friend's shorts triumphantly, a huge grin smeared across his face, eyes faintly glazed in an aroused haze, grinding his crotch lightly between Mitch's thighs. His cock was... different... from what he'd really expected. Not that he should've been surprised that a wolf-person wouldn't have a wolf's genitals, but...well, everything is obvious in hindsight, he supposed. The increasingly hard organ was a ruddy crimson, Javi tracing the purple-tinged veins stretching up from a lightly furred sheath over a curious lumping near the base ( that a knot? he wondered distractedly), along the fat shaft up to its slightly pointed tip. 

After deciding that just touching his balls and barely even getting to run his hand over the piece de resistance wasn't going to satisfy him in the long run, not even close, he licked his fingers to get them properly slick and wrapped his hand around the wolf's slightly throbbing prick and gave it a slight squeeze. Fuck me, that's a hot dick right there... 

"Maybe mind giving it a stroke, then?" 

"OH FUCK SHIT, YOU'RE AWAKE!" Javi shouted in alarm, reeling back off Mitch's thighs and sprawling onto the ground on his ass, freaking the fuck out, "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME I'M SORRY I WAS JUST SO HORNY AND—" Interrupting himself, he interjected, "—wait a second. How did you...?" 

With a smirk, Mitch replied "Know what you were thinking? You said it out loud, you dumb ass." Licking his chops at the splayed out man in front of him, he continued in that shiver-inducing baritone of his, "Having woken up a half-hour ago, I was letting you sleep until you woke up on your own. Once you did, it didn't seem very nice to startle you while...investigating me. Not that I'm against it or anything," he assured him at Javi's deer in the headlights expression, "quite the contrary—I'm enjoying it even now!" At that, they both looked down at his cock, swollen up a slight bit more and now leaking a thin trail of sticky precum in a string that danced with every throb of his engorged manhood. 

Javi swallowed nervously, rearranged himself on his grassy, leafy seat, and asked hesitantly, "S-so, um... can I... uhh?" He didn't know how to finish his sentence without feeling like even more of a pervert than he already was, so he simply mimed grabbing it and making a jacking-off motion with his hand, unconsciously rubbing at his groin with the other. 

With a snort, Mitch grabbed his outstretched hand and placed it on his prominent prick, making encouraging sounds to the effect of "hurry up already," and so he did, with no lack of enthusiasm. Smearing the steadily leaking precum from the tip over the shaft, he twisted his grip as he began jacking the hot wolf off, raising the hand not occupied with drawing soft groans from him up to caress and squeeze his balls, pressing the heel of his hand into his taint. "You're s-so hot, Mitch," he moaned half to himself, moving his hand down further on a downstroke to grip the knot and work his fingers over the carmine protrusion, eliciting delightful sounds of enjoyment, only to be yanked with a soft "eeeeee!" onto his friend's lap, where they both fumbled at one-another's clothes, unbearably hard and desperate for something more than just a handjob. 

As Mitch freed his human friend's cock from its cloth prison, giving it a little squeeze, Javi groaned and asked "Can we mrrph—!" He was interrupted by the muzzle planted against his mouth, suddenly finding himself making out with the horny beast. He was startled at first, but internally shrugged and closed his eyes, too overcome with the heat of the moment to care. Their tongues met, and each man was slightly surprised; Javi by the thin but warm roughness of a canid tongue, Mitch by the muscled, tentacle-like dampness of a human's. Kissing someone with a muzzle was strange, Javi found, but he liked it, although he had to avoid teeth somewhat more than kissing a regular human. By then, both of their coherent thoughts had started to blur out of focus in the erotic haze, too overcome by their arousal, that need to grind themselves against one another and feel the other man's hardness, to pay any attention to unnecessary details. 

The furry man, grinding his drooling cock up against the human's, their balls rubbing together intimately as they senselessly pressed their mouths together, lips working and parting and slipping tongues against each other's, reached up and wrapped his large hand around both their pricks, sliding them together and making them both moan. Javi couldn't help but buck and thrust against the larger male's warm, fleshy length, tingling with the sensation in a way that made him squinch his eyes closed. 

Pulling away from his friend's lips, connected to him by a strand of saliva and eyes half-lidded, he reached his hand back behind and under him, lightly squeezing Mitch's softly furred balls, rolling them in his fingers while they frotted their cocks together; their breaths steamed and mingled in the chilly dawn's light. Caressing them with his fingers before wistfully letting them go, having loved how they felt, he pulled his pole slick from the other cock's precum out of the wolf's grip and mumbled under his breath, "...ou me..." 

Mitch stopped stroking himself and panted for a moment, cocking his head confusedly; what had he said? " said that t... too quietly, Javier," he spoke in between panting breaths, fumbling for words against his body's desire to continue touching both himself and the man straddling him. 

"So-sorry," Javi stuttered, flushing slightly... well no, Mitch noticed, he had alreadybeen flushed; he was only noticing it now, the younger man's embarrassment getting the best of him. "I said... 'could you f-fuck me?'" Mitch blinked at this, not having expected it at all. A mutual jerkoff, sure; sucking him off, definitely; but THIS?

After shaking off the abrupt proposition, which admittedly took a few moments to digest fully, he prepared to answer but was preemptively interrupted by Javi's nervous apologetic chattering, "but i-it's all right, that was stupid of me, you're not into me like that, sorry, I'll just get off of y—" 

"Jav—JAVI!" Getting his attention, Mitch more or less calmly said after the shouting, "It's no problem. If you are up for it, I would love to fuck you." Expressing more shyness than Javi was used to seeing from the normally formal lupine, he said in a curiously apologetic tone that conflicted with the paw-like hand back to absently stroking his raging hard-on, "...if you think you can take it all..." At that, Javi's expression brightened immediately, then darkened right after, his grin still exuberant but his green eyes taking on a cast to them that seemed to say "we're about to fucking find out." 

He reached over and swirled his fingers around the tip of Mitch's dick, collecting some of the copious precum leaking from the... not a slit because it wasn't very slit-shaped, but for lack of a better word, he thought, he'd just think of it as a slit. Licking his lips, he fully tugged off his pants and underwear, revealing his milky, muscled ass, and laid down his shed clothes onto the grass and leaves under him. Resting his knees on the pants-covered ground, Javi reached behind himself and began running his precum-lubed middle finger against his tight pucker, wetting it slightly and emitting a small sound of antici...pation. Rubbing it back and forth, back and forth teasing himself, he finally caved to the mounting need and slid his finger into his anus with a soft mmm.Gently fucking himself with first one, then two digits, working himself up all the while, he lowered his face to the ground, finger-fucking himself ass-end up, giving the increasingly aroused Mitch a show. 

Finally the amped-up wolf couldn't take it anymore—almost furiously tearing off his shorts and tossing them carelessly behind him onto a tree branch. He licked his palm, drenching it with his saliva, and worked it onto his hard-as-diamonds dick, lining it up with Javi's occupied orifice. Barking out "Move your hand" in a way that made Javi feel chills up his spine and made his prick jerk up and slap his belly, he pulled his fingers out of his newly loosened ass and braced himself against the clothing-covered woodland ground for what was about to come. He was not disappointed. First the gently pointed tip, then the top of the broader crimson shaft penetrated him in a way that made him gasp. The rocket-shaped cock continued to pour in, mercifully wetted by the copious precum it was giving off, until Javi felt the base come to rest against his behind. "A-ah!" He cried out quietly, overcome by the fullness of it, "G-give me a second!" 

The wolf in the process of fucking him paused, then cleared his throat and said a little uncomfortably, "Ah... uh, right, sorry. Whenever you're ready." 

Following a minute or so of shifting his hips, slight grimacing and trying not to clamp down on the invading organ inside him, he nodded. Okay, he thought with trepidation but intense excitement, here we go—"O-ooohgh, fuuuuck," he exclaimed as his furry friend began to pump his hips back and forward, yipping "no, don't stop, keep going" when Mitch stopped out of alarm that he was hurting him, but continued when reassured. That sliding sensation, rubbing and caressing and pounding his sensitive flesh... it was hitting every nerve inside him, like he was being jacked off from the inside. Which reminded him, hey, I should take care of that, then grab his cock and start beating off like a madman. 

Ooh god it feels so goooood... letting out a long moan as the wolf doing the fucking grabbed his hips and started using them to yank him back onto his dick, screwing him with a slight twist of his hips on the outstroke. Mitch lowered himself over his... not quite just a friend anymore exactly, but his fuckbuddy perhaps? Lover, even? It didn't matter; nothing mattered to either of them right then except the raw animal act of copulating, fucking each other full of seed, the full-on complete need to mark territory in the most absolute and intimate way. He lowered himself so his shirted chest was pressed against Javi's back, bucking his hips harder and harder, supporting himself on one arm as he reached around and began masturbating Javi for him as he pounded his ass desperately, both thoughtlessly trapped within the overwhelming slamming, ball slapping, eye-rolling fucking they were spellbound by. 

With a heady, inarticulate pained-pleasure sound, Javi felt something bulbous and heavy push itself inside him at the height of being pistoned. Not that it stopped the big bad wolf—if anything it made him even more ferocious, grabbing him by the shoulders and tugging the knot out (if a bit slower than at the previous pace) with that same pained pleasure, morphing more toward the pleasure end of the spectrum as it was squeezed back in, in and out, in and out, rubbing over what had to be his prostate repeatedly. His lightly-touched cock was leaking pre like a faucet, both men gasping for breath in the midst of their brutal fuck session, until the tension heightened, muscles tightened, eyelids squeezed tightly shut, and Mitch reached his point of no return inside his lover's unbearably warm, tight asshole gripping him so hard, and roared his orgasm as his cock pushed as far as it would go into the smaller man, throbbing and swelling until Javi thought he would burst, the knot lodging itself against the inside of his rectum, pressing fucking hard against his prostate, beating himself off while Mitch rocked in place, gushing jet after jet of hot molten cum in him. 

Javi exploded; with a shout his cock, after such a rough primal pounding his ass had taken, finally gave up and began spurting his seed everywhere: the ground, the mussed-up pants and underwear they were on, his belly, his face, all covered in thick pearly globs of cum. His asshole throbbed and gripped the swollen wolfcock still in the middle of releasing its hefty load, and they both howled at the dual sensations; one being gripped almost unbearably tight by a velvet vice, the other impaled by what had to be the thickest most impossibly good cock on earth. 

"Ugh." They both said it, and collapsed to the forest floor, Javi careful to avoid crushing his overly-sensitive prick underneath him, Mitch forcibly tied into him and even then still pumping itself into his now well-worn ass, though at a gradually slowing pace. With a shaky laugh, he turned his head and looked back at the wolf with the rather delicious chocolate brown eyes and asked, "Man, does t-that thing last this long every time?" 

Mitch shifted on top of his friend a little uncomfortably, and surprisingly articulate for someone in the middle of an orgasm, forced out "Only when I knot. A-ahhh," he shuddered from a particularly strong jet that they both felt and moaned at, "yeahhhh. We willl be like this for another ten minutes, probably." 

Not that either of them thought that was a particularly BAD thing at that moment. Just... "Damn inconvenient, especially out in the wo-woods, right?" Javi grinned, looking off to the side past some trees and vined bushes, "And not far off the road to boot. Good job team horndog!" At Mitch's good-natured harrumph, he chuckled out a "no offense to certain canines meant." 

"Oh, shut up. I knew what you meant." He grinned, showing his appropriately-named canines, and kissed his friend on the cheek. "...though I do hope I can un-knot soon. I'm feeling rather... exposed," a hint of self-deprecating humor in that ever-erotic baritone. 

" know, lying here, in a puddle of my own cum, with a bit of yours leaking out of my ass as we speak..." 

"Sorry about that, my knot must be loosening a bit already." 

"'s all right, man. Question here is... does this mean we're dating now or something?" Javi couldn't keep the smirk out of his voice or off his face, grinning even harder when he heard a car roar past on the highway. "Cause I don't know what it means to a wolf when they're buried cock-deep inside their friends, buuuuut—" 

"We'll work it out." At his... lover's... exasperated "hmph," he amended "as soon as we are, uhm, finished here." With Javi's "cool" in response, he settled down on top of him and cuddled him slightly. "Our clothing is ruined, I hope you know." 

"Yeah, yeah, we'll 'work it out'." Then they settled down to wait, sobering up and joking all the while. 

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