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Back to All StoriesDuel Jacking — Stu and Don enjoy mutual play.

Duel Jacking — Stu and Don enjoy mutual play.

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Duel Jacking

Stuart's cock was hard as steel. Pre-cum smeared the front of his bikini underwear and he stirred fitfully in the seat. If this theater wasn't so filthy and crowded, he'd whip it out and jerk off right now.

He glanced at Don two feet away lewdly massaging his crotch. On the murky screen a gorgeous blonde was being fucked by two studs. Impaled on one thick shaft, the other enormous, oiled penis stretched her asshole. She moaned in delight.

"Oh man..." Stuart huskily whispered, "I could cum in seconds. So friggin horny."

"Yeah me too. Look at the size of that cock in her ass. That's gotta hurt. So thick. Shaves his balls too."

The erotic scene continued with soft music and the girl's sighs of pure passion. Don ogled the large penis drilling her dark tunnel and envisioned one of his own fantasies, to have his asshole stuffed. His cock was so stiff it ached.

"Hey. Umm Stu. You want to head out, go back to my place?" Don suggestively whispered.

"Yeah okay with me." The duo promptly eased from the scratched, torn chairs and into the narrow aisle. About four rows back a middle aged man with a grey business suit focused intently on the screen. Don noticed his fly open and the arrow shaped erection proudly in view. Manicured hands were placed on his thighs. He smiled as they walked by.

Across the garish lobby, they blinked as their eyes adjusted to the afternoon sunlight. The day was warm but had the hint of autumn in the air. Don giggled.

"What's funny?"

"Did you see that guy with his hard John Thomas and out in the open?"

"Nope." Stuart said sucking in the refreshing air, "You always notice things like that!"

Don's small apartment was eight blocks away and near the campus where both attended the university. Stu and Don had been inseparable friends for many years and they laughed and cajoled while walking the distance.

Stuart was hefty with wavy black hair, loved cars and an only child. Don was more slim, the athletic type and had 2 older sisters, 1 younger.

The men skipped up the two sets of wide, wooden stairs. Don unlocked the door and felt the cool rush of A/C.

"Glad you kept the air on. Feels great." Stu acknowledged, retreating to the bathroom. Don kicked off his sandals, doffed the tee shirt and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. In the quiet living room, he reflected on his best friend. The mischief they'd got into. The school years and all the changes they had shared. 

Stu took a swig from the offered bottle and plopped onto the leather couch. "Christ, what're you smiling about now?"

"Oh nothing. Just the times we've shared and here we are now at college. I don't know, silly me. So...what do you want to do this afternoon?"

"Are you kidding? I'm horny as a three peckered owl. Need to jerk off." Stu husked, massaging the front of his pants.

"You always get right to the point." Don smirked but loved the openness and honesty. Stuart quickly removed his shirt revealing a pudgy midsection and hairy chest. He stood to unbuckle and drop his confining pants and boxers. Don watched his naked friend settle back with legs spread.

"Have you seen...been with that redhead lately? The hottie you met in psych class?"

"Oh yeah. Laurie. Last weekend she gave me a hand job that took my breath away."

"Tell me more." Stuart pleaded, fondling his balls and growing penis. Not to be outdone, Don stripped and sat unashamed in the chair facing Stu. Masturbating together, a dance they'd performed often. Dozens, no hundreds of times.

"Story time?" Stu whispered, pulling his foreskin sexily up and down. They both loved story time. Don leisurely drizzled lube onto his awakening cock. Stu preferred to jerk off dry. To each their own Don thought beginning the narrative. Stuart's eyes were closed.


We were skinny dipping at her parents' cottage on the lake. The water was chilly but refreshing and moonlight sparkled off the surface. Laurie kissed me, pushed her tongue in and grabbed my naked ass. Oh Don I love this. Love being totally free. Her nipples were hard and all I thought right then was biting and sucking them.

Hand in hand we walked up the grassy path towards the rustic, log cabin. She lit the Coleman lantern on the kitchen table and tossed me a large white towel. Laurie said, be right back and disappeared into the bedroom.

I quickly dried off and sat in the roomy bamboo chair. My cock started to get hard anticipating a night alone with her. Laurie reappeared a minute later wearing a white tee shirt and combing out those lovely red curls. Her areolas were dark and jutting nipples threatened to rip through the fabric.

Laurie smiled, knelt and pushed my legs apart. Pink fingernails raked inner thighs. She looked at me with glassy, lusty eyes. Mmm. Look who's getting hard? Mr. Penis needs some attention. My attention. Think my bedroom would be nicer? Laurie whispered while palming my stiffening member.

She lit a candle and I stared up at the wooden ceiling beams. Lay down, she said. Get comfortable. The sheet was beige and cool and it smelled like Laurie's perfume. She stripped off her tee shirt and dragged her hard nipples across my torso and cock. I moaned as she licked the front of my shaft.

Oh I love your cock. God if I had my own cock I'd play with it every day. Stroke it. The veins that run up it. Soft head. The tip. Tight balls. Starts to get so hard. Oh I know what I want to do. Want to put some jelly on it so it's nice and slick. Make it all wet like my pussy.

Laurie opened the bedside table drawer, unscrewed the cap and squirted a line of K-Y across my prick. Her magical fingers massaged the silky liquid up and down bringing me to a full, pounding erection. So big, Laurie whispered. My hips lurched while Laurie pleasured my cock. Making love to it. I could smell her cunt juices.

The mattress dipped. Laurie straddled my legs and lowered herself onto my pulsating prick. She hissed from the pleasure, filling her quim. She bobbed up and down taking all of me deeply. Her luscious breasts hung and I latched onto one of her hard nipples. Sucking. She sighed as I tenderly bit and chewed the rubbery teat.

Oh fuck she moaned. The bed squeaking as we fucked. I grabbed her wide, fleshy ass and opened Laurie's cheeks. My finger tickled her anus and probed into the tight ring.

There was motion in the doorway. Someone was watching. It was my friend Stuart! Naked as a jaybird, he stroked his enlarged penis. What a surprise I said. Laurie stopped the fucking motion and glanced over her shoulder. Stu! She gasped. 

Did you guys plan this? I shook my head. Laurie's eyes were glazed with passion. Stuart, she husked, get some of that lube on your cock. I want you in my backside. I'm so horny. Always wanted to try two cocks. Hurry.

He didn't need a second invitation. Lubing his engorged member, Stuart knelt behind Laurie and pushed the greased head into her tight sphincter. Does it hurt baby? Umm, yeah a little but keep going. I want it all. Want to be completely filled.

I felt your cock entering. Felt it rubbing against the front of my erection. Only the thin membrane of flesh separated us. We found a rhythm, pummeling and fucking our Laurie. Her screams of delight echoed through the bedroom.


Stuart's eyes were still closed. Immersed in my fantasy I knew he was close to orgasm. So was I. Laurie's sighs were temporarily gone and the only sound was duel jacking and our raspy breathing.

I stared at Stuart, his long legs stretched out tightly. His cock is unique. It's long and narrow and has an enormous mushroom head. Like a horse cock, predominantly oval shaped tip. His jerk off technique is different. Stu tightly grabs the base with thumb and forefinger causing more blood towards the head. It turns an angry red. He uses short strokes, tickling his balls with the other hand.

To my amazement Laurie seems to have disappeared. I focus on Stuart's beautiful cock. How many times have I witnessed him cumming? I want to suck him. Suck that large cushioned head. Taste his cum. Lick his balls and smell the earthy, masculine fragrance.

I am lost in the fantasy of Stuart. Our sticky, lubed cocks are rubbing together. Frottage they call it. I gag as his long cock fills my throat. I want Stu's cock in my asshole. Fuck me Stu I urge. My new found desires are shocking but very exciting.

"I'm cumming!" A rope of white cum spurts from Stuart's engorged cock. It splashes onto his stomach and dribbles over pistoning fingers. He yelps in ecstasy. 

My own orgasm bursts. Balls tightening and releasing their essence. I groan as the silky lube combined with the thick cream oozing out. The room is spinning delightfully. My wrist a blur. Jacking off with my friend simultaneously.

"Oh wow. Love your stories Don." Stuart mumbles breathlessly. Cum dripping everywhere.

"Glad you like them. I, uhh, have another one that you might like."


"Yeah. It involves only you and me though." Don milked his ebbing cock and the remnants of jism. He hoped that Stu would be open to his advances.

Stuart smiled. He understood.

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